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Monday, October 14, 2013

Is the 1000 Islands Region Scenic Enough?

Written by Mary Hamilton posted on October 13, 2013 07:24 - 

Plans are currently underway to bring a new distinction to the 1000 Islands region that is long overdue, providing more exposure as well as protection for this treasured one-of-a-kind incredible resource which will hopefully translate to a welcome boost in tourist trade and tourism dollars. 

Three years ago, a Scenic Area of Statewide Significance (SASS) was a term only a handful of area residents were aware of. Today there is a $75,000 grant in place that will be combined with an equal amount of in-kind funding to allow professional consultants to be hired to complete the comprehensive assessment required by the NY Department of State for a region to qualify for such a designation that has been awarded to only two other areas, the Hudson River Valley and East Hampton in Long Island. Where it all began… 


Anonymous said...

Of course it is scenic enough!!

According to the original SEQR laws, scenic quality,and its value was a criteria that a community itself had the right to determine and apply to its land use laws. It had legal status. It didn't require justification by some State designation, nor was it subject to approval by five state bureaucrats from Albany.

This SASS is a valuable tool to combat unwanted industrial development, but isn't it ironic that we now need the state to tell us this region has scenic value.

We will rue the day that the citizens of New York rolled over and accepted the tyranny of Andrew Cuomo's ART.X

Anonymous said...


You have strange understandings of the meaning of "rolled over" and "accepted." You do a disservice to people who have worked tirelessly, including the people who are working on SASS. Rolling over is exactly what they are not doing.