BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Cape Vincent Wind Farm is Stale

are Bob & BP are Gonna Bail ?

 Rumor has it BP is packing it in, Updates will be posted when they become available
I am Getting  Conflicting information 
Is this just a Rumor 

Word has it that BP will be meeting with Cape Vincent leaseholders last night to let them know they are terminating leases and ceasing operations in the Town of Cape Vincent. 

 BP has been moving along the Article 10 path since September 17, 2012.  The initial Public Information Program lasted five months.  During that time Bob Dudley, BP's CEO, and BP produced a 50 year old map with few houses, wrong road names and 124 red dots denoting proposed turbine locations - that was the extent of the information BP provided.   BP attended meetings and hosted meetings where they were barraged by questions from the public and public officials.  True to form Bob Dudley and BP told us thank you very much for your interest, "We'll be getting back to you."  That refrain lasted five frustrating months.

On March 29, 2013 Bob Dudley and BP began the next stage on its path toward certification, it filed a Preliminary Scoping Statement (PSS).  A scoping statement outlines the issues and studies that an applicant must include in their formal application.  The full-blown application includes all the details needed by Public Service staff and the Siting Board to understand the project proposal.  It includes project layout details, various permits, equipment, construction details as well as assessing potential adverse environmental impacts, such as noise, shadow flicker, safety setbacks, projected bird and bat kills and a number of other issues.

Twenty-one days after Bob and BP's scoping statement was submitted, the public, Town and state agencies filed their reviews of the scoping statement on April 19, 2013.  The Department of Public Service, Department of Environmental Conservation and the Town provided extensive, detailed critiques of Bob Dudley and BP's statement.  Collectively the recommendations included a complete makeover of all the environmental studies they conducted in the past, with a number of new study requirements as well.  For Bob and BP to properly respond will require a year or more before a complete application could be filed.

Bob Dudley and BP were required under the rules of Article 10 to file: "Summary of Comments on the Preliminary Scoping Statement" on May 10, 2013.  For the most part Dudley and BP failed to respond to the State agency reviews.  In a remarkable display of corporate arrogance toward the Town, Bob Dudley and BP stated their proposed Cape Vincent project was "...not consistent with the Comprehensive Plan to the extent that the Project conflicts with the zoning law."  Bob Dudley appears to be saying the hell with the wishes of Cape Vincent we want our money dammit!
On Tuesday May 21, 2013 the Administrative Law Judges from the Departments of Public Service and Environmental Conservation came to Cape Vincent to award $99,750 in intervenor funds, most of which went to the Towns of Cape Vincent and Lyme.  These funds will be used to hire technical experts to further review Bob Dudley and BP's scoping document and add to the already extensive list of studies.  In addition, the experts will suggest specific methods to employ in these studies.

At the conclusion of meeting the judges outlined what is called the Stipulation Phase of the Article 10 process.  This phase has no time deadline and will end when Bob and BP and any interested parties complete negotiations to explore possible agreements on some of the issues outlined in the scoping statement and reviews.   The next step in the process after Stipulation will be a time when BP could file its formal application.

So, where is Bob Dudley, BP's CEO, taking BP this fall ?  Will he wait to comply with all the study recommendations put forth by the Town and state agencies?  As noted previously, this could take well over a year.  This seems unlikely, since BP is seeking to divest its entire wind development portfolio.  Why invest in expensive, long-term studies if Bob and BP are going to bail-out?

After Stipulation Bob Dudley and BP's best plan may be to do nothing.  By doing nothing they will halt any further expense on a project that is on the auction block, which makes sense.  If there are any inquiries by interested investors, BP and Bob Dudley can claim they are in the process of submitting a formal application to the New York Siting Board.  That would give the illusion that Bob and BP were actually doing something.

Another option would have Bob Dudley and BP submit an application made up of all the old, stale studies the Town and State agencies found so lacking.  Just repackage, add some lipstick and submit it and see if it flies.  However, for Bob and BP to ignore extensive recommendations by the Departments of Public Service and Environmental Conservation, whose commissioners sit on the Siting Board, would be asking for its application to be considered incomplete, inadequate and substantially lacking.  Why bother if Bob Dudley is only going to get his hand slapped by Albany bureaucrats.  I'm sure Bob wouldn't like that.

In conclusion the best bet on what Bob Dudley and BP have planned for Cape Vincent this fall is nothing.  Just sit by the side of the road, thumb out and looking for a ride and a buyer.

Richard Chandler can look for a job elsewhere, Bob Dudley can try to figure out where BP will get all the money to pay off its debts in the Gulf and we citizens of Cape Vincent can enjoy  Autumn in the gorgeous Thousand Islands region of New York. The Town, on the other hand, will recharge its batteries, increase its resolve, continue preparing for battle and take whatever steps are necessary to defend our beautiful little piece of God's countryFor the rest of us, maybe we can forget about wind for a spell. That would be nice.


Anonymous said...

Ya, We can get our town back and people actually talking to each other again. Ya maybe even get rid of all those nasty blogs and the narrow minded people that ran them with their army of morons.

Stay Focused said...

You want this town to heal? Get rid of wind developers and wind leases.

The two blogs have been instrumental in saving this town from destruction. I will be grateful to the two authors forever.

Anonymous said...


It was the two blogs that saved Cape Vincent so far. you even know that. Why else would you take a SLAPP action against the community because they were speaking against your project. Heal yea, but some things done will never be forgotten because they were assaults on personal freedoms that must not be buried but should be used as examples of WHAT NOT TO DO in any town.

Anonymous said...

9:24 - Seriously - your comment just demonstrates that some people cannot "move on." Comments like that will only stomp on any attempts for people to restore even polite interactions with some people in this town.

If your goal is to encourage people to talk to each other again - your comment will never meet that goal!

Anonymous said...

9:24, "get our town back"

Yeah, you know there's a few things I'd like to get back too- run a 100 yard dash in 12 seconds again, throw a curve ball without breaking my arm, wear my favorite31 inch waist jeans, maybe even have some hair to comb! trouble is some things are just not retrievable.

This town has been seriously changed and most likely will not revert to the good old days of yesteryear. doesn't mean it can't be a pleasant place to live, but attitudes like yours will certainly prevent any kind of positive reclamation of neighborliness, and good will.

Whats that old saying -75 % of productive therapy is recognizing and acknowledging the problem. You, my friend, have some work to do in that regard before any "healing " can take place.

Anonymous said...

There may be a lot of conflicting news but the good news is that something is brewing. My reaction to this news tells me just how good I am going to feel when these wind bastards pull the plug. What a relief. I only hope all the rumor is true. Please keep us informed.

Anonymous said...