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Monday, October 28, 2013

The High Cost of Hosting Wind Turbines

Landowners need to be concerned about their exposure to liability that may result from the placement of wind turbines and related structures and equipment on their property.
Personal and farm liability policies likely will not cover incidents that occur related to construction and operation of a wind energy project

 Access roads – access roads are a necessary component of a wind development project. Making sure the natural flow of water is not impeded by road construction is important.

 Construction. – Construction activity could include damaged overhead and underground power lines and communication cables, tile lines natural drains, road services and neighboring property.

 Ice shedding – ice falling from tower or blades may be a hazard to humans or animals and may cause damage to structures or vehicles below.

Blade drop/throw – blades may become damaged because of structural failure or imbalance. Blades or parts of blades may fall and cause damage below.

Shadow flicker – the shadow effect of moving turbine blades may cause health issues.

Fire – a fire or electrical short could occur in the generator, transformer or lines. Fire could cause damage to cropland, grasping land or dwellings.

Stray voltage – stray voltage may be a concern for humans and animals.

Electromagnetic magnetic fields – electromagnetic fields may cause interference with electrical devices. These fields may have long-term health effects on humans or animals.

Lightning strikes – high towers are of concern because they may attract lightning. Lightning strikes could affect humans, farm animals, wildlife and man-made structures. They also could create a risk of crop or prairie fires.

Communications – turbines may generate electromagnetic noise or physically obstruct signals.

 Microwave and radar stations – towers may obstruct .2 point signals of telecommunications and whether transmissions.

 TV and radio signals – interference may occur with TV and radio signals. Police/fire/ambulance radio signals – public safety signals could be disrupted.

Bird kill  – bird casualties are a reality of wind power development. The endangered species act, migratory Bird Treaty act and bald and Golden Eagle protection act may be factors in tower placement.

Water – Water pollution is a consideration during the construction phase. Air – air pollution may occur during construction excavation by producing air dashboard elements. This situation is usually temporary.

Below is a copy of a letter notifying a land owner that if a wind turbine is erected on their property that their insurance policy will be cancelled.

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