BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Town of Cape Vincent writes to the Public Services Commission ~ Come on up and take it all in


Anonymous said...

I suspect strongly suspect there are PSC staff who have never seen the area about which they are charged with making such important decisions.
A visit should be a must. And Addie Russell and Pattie Ritchie should act as tour guides.

Anonymous said...

Addie Russel,Pattie Ritchie, -tour guides???

Are you kidding,how about someone local who knows the town and the river? Maybe a team of Urban and Al Wood!!

Anonymous said...

Neither Addie Russel, or Pattie Ritchie voted for Art.X

I doubt they would want to suck up to a bunch of Albany bureaucrats, by guiding them on a tour of Cape Vincent,just because the town is willing to do it. It would be demeaning and lend no credibility to their opposing vote.

The best thing they could do is to continue to lobby for the state to leave our local laws intact and stay the hell out of our land use decisions.-Home Rule

Anonymous said...

"And Addie Russell and Pattie Ritchie should act as tour guides."

Come on. That was merely my tongue-in-cheek way of implying that they have not done enough in advocating for the greatest natural treasure in their districts. Sometimes I wonder if both of these legislators need the benefit of a River cruise themselves.

Where have they been? A safe ultra-minority vote against Article 10 does not get them off the hook. Where have they been? Why are they so quiet?

Anonymous said...

10:53 "Why are they so quiet?"

Remember Addie admitted she had shared several meals with Paul Mason, who represented the local self-profit leaseholders from Cape Vincent. She admonished Paul for luring the State to take over siting of industrial turbines,hinting that he may have lost the chance for turbines on his farm.

She is probably reluctant to have Paul or any of his sympathizers on her case again. Easier to just stay on the sidelines, wait it out, and avoid any collateral political damage to herself.

If the economics of industrial wind continue to spiral downward,she may be making a good move to stay silent.