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Friday, October 25, 2013

Website Analyzes the Wind Farm Debate


Hello, and welcome to our website!  Our goal is to provide a wealth of information and sources that discuss the issues concerning wind energy.  We chose the St. Lawrence and Cape Vincent Wind Farms as models for our discussion.  The St. Lawrence and Cape Vincent Wind Farms are located (as the name suggests) in Cape Vincent, Jefferson County, New York.  We settled on this choice because we believe the St. Lawrence and Cape Vincent Wind Farm provides a clear example of current wind energy developments.  Furthermore, it is an issue that is local to the North Country community. Continue...


Anonymous said...

If this effort is an example of the kind of research being done at the college level,we are in big trouble. Almost all of the information being gleaned by these students is either from the industry itself or government agencies promoting wind development.

If these students consider the studies conducted by Acciona as ample or conclusive in any way they are totally naive as to the workings and tactics of predatory corporate developers, and the subsequent invalidity of their findings.

If I'm not mistaken, Potsdam received a considerable grant to research the installation of an industrial scale wind turbine. Maybe these students got a piece of that action,and are delivering the payback with this ill-informed study and analysis.

Anonymous said...

Good grief! I hope these kids are not taking on big student loans. They aren't getting value for their time on campus.