BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Sunday, October 6, 2013


CAPE VINCENT --- last Friday, rumors started flying around town that BP had a meeting with their lease holders at Aubrey's Restaurant Thursday evening, with the intention of informing them that if they (BP) could not sell their Cape Vincent Wind Farm project that they were going to cut their losses and bail.

This generated quite a stir , as well as many inquires from local media sources attempting to confirm the story.
 It has since been established that a meeting did take place Thursday evening but as of yet the community at large is still waiting, collectively holding their breath  to find out if  BP is going to bail.

If they do leave, this will mark the end of  BP’s contemptible presence in Cape Vincent . They came in like thieves in the night attempting to steal Cape Vincents future.  They began by signing many of our town officials and their families to wind leases and good neighbor agreements, knowing this would create blatant conflicts of interest. This is a violation of the town’s ethics code and NY State law. 
BP’ has stated lofty intentions with their Cape Vincent Wind Farm however their actions tell a different story…

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