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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Another wind turbine burns up

Gamesa wind turbine burned up in the Stipa Naya wind power facility. Police and company employees tried to prevent journalists from taking photographs.Continue...
La Ventosa, Oax.- Este martes los vecinos de esta comunidad fueron testigos de la quema de un aerogenerador del parque “Stipa Naya” de la empresa eólica española GAMESA, considerada como uno de los principales fabricantes internacionales de aerogeneradores del mundo y líder en el sector de la fabricación, venta e instalación de turbinas eólicas.

El texto original de éste artículo fue publicado por Romo Noticias en la siguiente dirección: http://romonoticias.com/2013/11/se-quema-aerogenerador-del-parque-stipa-naya-en-la-ventosa/. Éste contenido se encuentra protegido por la Ley. Si lo cita, por favor diga la fuente y haga un enlace a la nota original de donde usted lo ha tomado. Todos los Derechos Reservados © 2013.

Ontario Canada ~ Anti-turbine activists take protest to Hwy. 402 for mass rally

 The road to Ontario’s wind turbine industry — heralded by many, hated by others — goes through Southwestern Ontario.
Anti-turbine activists  held a mass rally October 19,2013. The protest was  against Ontario’s growing number of wind farms. Continue...

 Esther Wrightman speech to the “Unwilling Hosts” Rally (October 19, 2013)  

 Re- posted from National Wind Watch

Slightly edited from the version read at the rally)

Let us be clear about why we are here today. This is a demonstration of “We, The People” versus “We, The Corporations”! (I have of course borrowed the phrase from the American Declaration of Independence.)

This is an in-your-face demonstration of “We, The People” versus the wind energy companies that are strangling rural Ontario — strangling us with the approval and encouragement of our government!

I want to say “Thank you, rural Ontario — you good people who are the backbone of this distinguished province that just produced a Nobel laureate.” I want to say “Thank you” for having the backbone and guts to declare “We’re not going to take it anymore!”
All of us are struggling, in every way short of breaking the law, to save our way of life, our homes, our health, our communities, our wildlife — all this. We have been trying for years. Not days, not weeks — but years!

Our lives are now devoted to saving . . . our lives!
The wind developers and the government were flat wrong! They sneered and whispered to each other, “Don’t worry, they’ll get used to it! They’ll toe the line! They’ll bend the knee and suffer for the greater good of Toronto — our political base!”

But we have not and we will not! They misread us. These are our lives, our homes, our children, our children’s schools you are messing with, Premier Wynne! Ours! (I’m a mother! Don’t mess with my kids!)

One thing you will find out about rural Ontarians, Ms. Wynne, is: We are a tough crowd to deal with when we are vexed (aka pissed off).

With this rally, we put you on notice, Premier Wynne: We are officially and formally pissed off!

If you were to come out here, Madam Premier, you would discover that we invite anyone into our homes! To feed them, talk with them, respect them, even give them shelter. But, dammit, we expect the same courtesies in return! This government has come into our communities to bludgeon us!

Wind turbines are not a courtesy; they are an assault! Let’s call it for what it truly is; government-subsidized corporate terrorism. (The NextTerror, indeed!)

This government has flung us off our land, turned a deaf ear to people who are suffering, sacrificed wildlife to wind turbines — while maintaining the fiction, the hoax of “democracy.”

Premier Wynne, we will not be taken for suckers anymore! We will not be bullied and terrorized anymore! And if we don’t see action — and I mean STOP THE WIND TURBINES action! — then we will redouble our efforts to get your attention, until it becomes impossible to ignore the outraged roar of rural Ontario!

Ontario is not about Toronto; Ontario is about all the towns and villages and communities that just won Alice Munro (from rural Ontario, by the way) a Nobel Prize in Literature. Toronto is just one of those towns. Toronto is not a sovereign state with vassal fiefdoms paying homage.

There are good laws and bad laws. The Green Energy Act is a bad law. We call on the Premier and legislature to strike it down. Until that happens, we do have the right and obligation to see that it is broken — violated. We refuse to live under its jack boot!

Rural Ontario — this rally, this protest, is the beginning of something bigger Take this spirit home to your community, to Toronto — everywhere. Be creative, be determined — and let us all link arms and stand together and put an end to the terrorism of wind turbines in rural Ontario.

Get mad! Stay mad! Make history!

Lambton County will spend $20,000 to join legal battle before Ontario's Environmental Review Tribunal

In a potentially precedent-setting move, Lambton County council will financially back a legal battle before Ontario's Environmental Review Tribunal in an attempt to halt wind turbine construction.

After months of debate and staff reports, county politicians narrowly voted 17-16 Wednesday in favor of spending $20,000 to become a presenter in Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) cases involving Huron County families who are challenging further wind development near their homes.  Continue...

Friday, November 29, 2013

Historic Lincoln speech sets tone for Thanksgiving feast in Cape Vincent

CAPE VINCENT — Thanksgiving Day speeches, scripted or spur of the moment, often set the tone at gatherings before food fills stomachs.
The Rev. Pierre Aubin delivered one Thursday at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church that hearkened back to when the national holiday was proclaimed on Oct. 3, 1863.

Numerous homes in the Cape Vincent area will be adversely impacted by industrial wind

Michael S. McCann, McCann Appraisal, LLC reviewed the Cape Vincent wind economic committees report on the economic impacts a wind development would have on our community.
McCann found that after completing his review of the subject location, it was clear that numerous homes in the Cape Vincent area will be adversely impacted, and the best available evidence indicates that value loss of 25% to 40% or more will occur to homes within approximately 2 miles of the turbines. This impact is not expected to be uniform, and some losses may well be lower and others higher.

His full report can be read at this link

Michael McCann has kept abreast of the latest developments in Cape Vincent. The following is an email correspondence between Mr. McCann and a resident of Cape Vincent.

 From: Mike McCann
 I read the * linked article,  and a thought occurred to me that may be of some use to you.

In Illinois, farm land values have shot up tremendously over the last several years, from around $3,500-$4,000 per acre to about $10,000 per acre currently. The reasons for this are the increased price of commodities and lower interest rates, which have made farming highly profitable and created more demand and competition for good quality AG dirt.
If this is also true in upstate New York, then all the farmers need to do is sell off a few acres to cover the “losses” that they claim from not getting a huge lease windfall income.
But, more importantly from a zoning/case law perspective, if farm values have increased there, then the land owners do not have a valid claim to “hardship” or financial plight that could be used (theoretically) to help justify a zoning variation or special use.
You know who to call to check local farm prices/sales, so I leave it to you to follow up. But let me know if I can be of any service.
P.S. I see my name and work is still being cited in the blogosphere. And I thought I just had tinnitus..Ha!
Michael S. McCann
McCann Appraisal, LLC
 To: 'Mike McCann'
This link will take to the Town web site where the draft of Cape Vincent’s law is:


Click in the Down Load for “Draft Zoning Law 6-4-12”
The sections that you would be interested in are: 6.7 Noise, 7.16 Tall Structures Applications,

9) To protect the health and safety of all Town residents from ice throw and potential rotor failure, each WECS shall be setback a minimum of:
[a] Six times the total height of the proposed WECS from the nearest residence.

[b] Six times the total height of the proposed WECS from the nearest project boundary or property line.

[c] Six times the total height of the proposed WECS from any road.

[d] 1.25 miles from any WECS to the boundaries of the Village of Cape Vincent and from the Hamlets of Rosiere, Millens Bay, and St. Lawrence Corners as shown on the “Large Scale WECS Exclusion Map,”
Appendix 9.

[e] 1.25 miles from schools. Appendix 9, Large Scale WECS Exclusion Map

[f] In order to ensure that residents of adjoining Towns of Lyme and Clayton are not negatively affected by any WECS proposed in the Town of Cape Vincent, any WECS near the Town’s boundaries shall comply with the Noise Standards in Section 6.7 and shall be no closer than six times the total height of the proposed WECS to that boundary.

10) A map entitled, “Large Scale WECS Exclusion Map,” is attached to this Law as Appendix 9 and it delineates the areas of the Town within which WECS are excluded in conformity with the setbacks established here in above.

The new law has been a six months effort (meeting twice a week for 3 hours time.  We had a committee of 10 people that really busted their hump.

 Thanks for your continued interest in our Town
From: Mike McCann
I read 6.7 and 7.16 now. Looks pretty solid. Any idea if BP will challenge it legally?
To: 'Mike McCann'
The Town received a letter from BP stating that the new Z/L prohibits siting turbines in the town.
They intend to take it to the Article 10 Siting Board as being “unreasonably brudensone”
We will see!
From: Mike McCann
Burdensome? How reasonable is it to dump their burden on 96% of property owners in Cape Vincent? (Rhetorical question, of course).

Keep me in mind if any supporting testimony is needed at an Article 10 hearing (?)

Michael S. McCann

Real Estate Appraisal & Consulting

* Linked article referred to by Mr McCann ~ The fight over wind farms continues in Cape Vincent

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Welcome to Watertown, mate

First published: November 26, 2013 at 5:00 am
Watertown Daily Times
By Daniel Flatley
Life in a Northern Town

Welcome to Watertown, mate

I come from a land down under where beer flows and men chunder.When I was 16 years old, a few friends and I went to the local grocery store armed with a cardboard cutout of Australian professional golfer Greg “The Shark” Norman and a video camera. Our goal: to secure a six pack of Foster’s — because, as the slogan goes, “It’s Australian for beer.”

Double Standards $ Double Talk

  This comment came in on an earlier post about property owners voting in favor of water district 6
For all the shouting by prowind citizens on this topic and the fact that they tried to say Urban, Brooks and Cliff should not vote on it since they lived in the district - can you reprint the 2006 letter from Darrel Aubertine to the Town Board saying he thought it was just fine for council members with leases (financial conflict of interest) should vote be allow on wind development issues!!!

So - back in 2006 Darrel thought that having a direct financial conflict of interest due to holding a lease with a wind company was just fine. Now we all know that this is a direct financial conflict of interest as defined by NYS Law.

 Darrel Aubertine
Today - the prowind (Darrel supported) people in District 6 (and candidates who tried to make this an election issues) claimed that the fact that Urban, Brooks and Cliff are in the district means they cannot vote on it as council members. Unlike wind lease holders, these 3 would not benefit from this district any more than any other member of the district. Still - instead of the Town council making a decision on the district - it was put up for a vote by all members.

The district members (by a very large majority) voted to form the district. This is democracy in action - directed by a legally elected and ethical board.

Thanks to the town board for moving forward with this district. Now on to other areas of the town that need water!!!!

This comment makes some very important points.
Additionally, it should be noted that not only did Assemblyman Aubertine tell wind lease holding Town Board members that it was ethically proper to vote on the siting wind turbines, but he added that it was unwise to let people decide for themselves through referendum

 The Aubertine letter ~

 Darrel Aubertine in the Senate, refusing to stand for the pledge of Allegiance.

Cape Vincent property owners OK water district expansion

CAPE VINCENT — Property owners approved a measure to expand Water District 6 by an 80-17 vote, officials announced Tuesday after counting 63 absentee ballots..Continue...

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

PSC Website ~ Sec. Burgess Announces Cape Conference

Link here to Public Service Commission Website to read original announcement

Seasonal Cape residents deserve a vote

The editorial piece “There are no winners in Cape Vincent battle” by Watertown Daily Times City Editor Perry White (Outside Looking In, Nov. 17) may have missed the center on some shots and missed the target altogether on others.
The suggestion that wind has gone out of the sails of the anti-wind faction may be a bit premature and overstated. Currently, it looks like two of three incumbents will be returned to office.
Also, consider that wind was not the central issue of the campaign. Wind did not emerge as a vocal issue until the votes were counted, and now the sails are filled with indignation over yet another attempt by Democrats to stop seasonal residents from voting. Continue...

Hirschey, Aubertine and Bragdon win in Cape Vincent

CAPE VINCENT — The Republican party has retained control of the Cape Vincent town council.Town Supervisor Urban C. Hirschey was elected to a third term over Democratic challenger Alan N. Wood 651-574, according to unofficial results.


Monday, November 25, 2013

Cape Vincent ~ Verified Ballot Count is in

Congratulations to the winning candidates!

Supervisor Vote tally

Urban Hirschey 651
Alan Wood 574

Town Board Vote Tally

Brooks Bragdon 623
Paul Aubertine 621
Michelle Oswald 601
Dennis Pearson 569

Hirschey, Aubertine and Bragdon win in Cape Vincent

CAPE VINCENT — It appears that Urban C. Hirschey, Paul F. Aubertine and Brooks J. Bragdon have emerged victorious from the Cape Vincent election fracas, according to Republican Election Commissioner Jerry O. Eaton. 
Final numbers are not yet available, but the candidates and parties have agreed on the outcome, Mr. Eaton said.


The winners for supervisor and town council in Cape Vincent.

Town Supervisor Urban Hirschey appears to have won re-election.
Town council member Brooks Bragdon also won a seat, but incumbent Michelle Oswald lost.
The results give the town's anti-wind-power group one less seat on the council, but it still maintains a four-to-one majority.
After election night, Democratic challenger Alan Wood was leading Republic Hirschey 501 to 426, but 300 absentee ballot called those results into question. Continue...

FEMA flood plain mapping near completion in north country

Property owners along waterways in the north country are expected to see increases on flood insurance premiums, but there are no answers yet as to how much.
“Rates are changing,” said Karen Dunbar, National Flood Insurance Program customer service representative. “Premiums will go up.” Continue...

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Are Aubertine, Pearson & Wood Admitting they were wrong?

"We completed our review as quickly as possible and immediately notified all parties after it was determined that the vote count should be completed without further delay." (Cape Vincent Democrats News Release November 22, 2013)

In their petition Aubertine Pearson and Wood charged that it was their belief absentee ballots were issued by the board of elections in error based on "insufficient, fraudulent or forged applications."
Even though the rest of the free world knows that there are no primary residence requirements for voting, the Democrats based part of their challenge to the absentee ballots based on this false premise.
The Cape Democrats had ample time to check for "insufficient, fraudulent or forged applications" by seasonal residents as they claimed in their petition.

 Paragraph 9& 10 Aubertine et al.

What could they possibly have reviewed that caused them to drop their suit?
The Democrats hired a top gun New York State election law attorney, presumably they had all the best legal advice they needed to proceed with their challenge of seasonal residents.
Considering that they had the best legal advice regarding the law, what more review did Aubertine, Pearson and Wood need to complete? What new information did they glean last week that changed their opinions? What caused them to withdraw?

What are the Democrats saying, were they wrong or did they drop the suit for some other reason? Regardless, they should apologize to the Board of Elections, their opponents and to the seasonal residents whose votes they attempted to eliminate.

Jefferson County to spend $500,000 to promote tourism in 2013

The county and likely will remain the county’s agency of choice.Jefferson County will spend nearly $500,000 on tourism promotion in 2014.

The bulk of the money is given to the 1000 Islands International Tourism Council. A much smaller portion is given to the Disabled Persons Action Organization.

 The 1000 Islands International Tourism Council has a proven track record when it comes to marketing .Continue...

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Threat of bat fatalities stalls Maine wind project

BINGHAM — The review of a proposed 62-turbine wind farm project in this Somerset County town has been put on hold in part because of concerns about the danger the turbines might pose to bats being threatened by white-nose syndrome, a rapidly spreading fungal disease.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Let The Healing Begin

 Why did the Democrats take so long to cry uncle?

First, the Dumb Dems, canvassed the absentee voting list ,and found 88 absentee voters who did not have primary residences in Cape Vincent.
Next, the Dumb Dems, hired one of the best State election attorneys to guide them through the first day of reviewing absentee ballots.
Next, the election expert told the Dumb Dems, that they were peeing into the wind, trying to deny seasonal residents their right to vote in Cape Vincent.
Next, rather than dropping their complaint, the angry Dumb Dems, decide that 2 legal opinions would be the way to go.
Then, the Dumb Dems, hired the Wladis law firm ,which rumor had it owed an important Cape politician a favor.
Next, Wladis, filed a legal complaint in State Supreme Court, in an attempt to deny seasonal voters their right to vote in Cape Vincent.
 Paul Aubertine
 Democratic candidate for CV Town Council
Next, the Wladis firm, after further consultation threw in the towel.

Next, the Dumb Dems, finally call it quits after getting 2 legal opinions that, say they are dumb asses.

Next,the Dumb Dems, file a news release that says they are pulling the plug, and state a lot of dumb-ass reasons, none of which makes any sense.

 Finally, the Dum Dems, state they aren't really that dumb, but are trying to heal the community.

Cape Vincent Democrats Latest Cluster....

Democrats Withdraw Challenge To Unopened Ballots

Press Release ~

Cape Vincent Democrats withdraw legal challenge to ballots

 Alan N.Wood
CAPE VINCENT — Democratic candidates for town offices have dropped their legal challenge to 88 absentee ballots that could affect the final results of the Nov. 5 election.
“We just want to do what’s in the best interest of Cape Vincent,” said Alan N. Wood, who is running for town supervisor. “The Cape needs to heal.” Continue...

He beckons us still

Watertown  Daily Times
Five decades after the tragedy, it’s still unfathomable.
How could the leader of the free world be struck down by one individual? What would drive the assassin to commit such an atrocity? Will we ever fully comprehend what took place in Dallas on this day in 1963?
John F. Kennedy had brought so much promise into the White House when he assumed the presidency in January 1961. He embodied the youthful enthusiasm that would define much of that decade, benefitted significantly by the glamour that he and his wife, Jacqueline, projected. Continue...

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Taming Turbine Fires Before They Start: It’s when, not if…

The most common cause of a turbine fire is a lightning strike—a risk that is heightened by the installation of taller and taller wind turbines

By Scott Starr
 According to reports, the cost of a fire that damages or destroys a wind turbine can be as much as $2 million. Property damage to the turbine, and nearby areas, from fires reported in the past decade ranged between $750,000 and $6 million. 

 Aside from the imminent hazards of a burning turbine, there is also the risk of sparks, embers, or debris falling to the ground and setting off a wildfire due to the remote location of many wind farms. Even if a turbine is not fully burned or damaged, or a potential fire doesn’t spread to the surrounding countryside, costs can be considerable. This was shown during a recent fire at a wind farm in California, which resulted in the loss of just one converter cabinet. Cost for replacement: $243,000, including parts and downtime.Continue...

Vestas turbine blaze in Quebec

NextEra Energy Canada is investigating the cause of a fire that broke out in a Vestas turbine at the 54MW Mount Copper wind farm in Quebec last week.
The Murdochville fire department responded to a call in the early afternoon of 13 November. The blaze started in the nacelle and spread to the blades, NextEra spokesman Steven Stengel told reNews. Continue via NWW...

Vestas has been plagued by wind turbine fires  in the past.  The company blamed a 2011 wind turbine fire on a brake problem.  In 2012, a Vestas V-112 wind turbine in Germany caught fire; Vestas blamed the blaze on a loose connection that caused an arc flash.  Also in 2012; a  similar arc fire occurred in a Vestas V-90 turbine in Spain during maintenance; in addition a Vestas turbine collapsed in Ireland.  Then in April 2013, a Vestas V-80 wind turbine in Ontario, Canada, burst into flames.  Continue ~ Wind Action

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Users Harassed For Criticizing On British Petroleum Oil Spill

After claims that British Petroleum appointed a public relations firm, Oglivy and Mather, to pursue and threaten Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) users who criticized the company for its handling of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, BP plc (ADR) (NYSE:BP) is entangled in a new debate. Continue...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

House cuts green energy permitting funds from energy bill

The House approved an amendment on Tuesday that would cut in half the money available to the government to consider and issue permits for solar and wind energy projects.
Members agreed by voice vote to the amendment to the Federal Lands Jobs and Energy Security Act, H.R. 1965. Continue...

Rahall backs bipartisan coalition to end wind power subsidies

In a letter to Congress, one House committee calls for the end of wind subsidies.
The Committee on Ways and Means wrote in a letter the urgency to “allow the wind production tax credit (PTC) to expire at the end of 2013 under current law and not to include an extension of the PTC in tax reform or tax extenders legislation.” Continue...

Wind turbine breaks in Wyoming County ~ Video report

Legal action launched against Cape Vincent and county officials

November 20, 2013
Legal action launched against Cape Vincent and county officials

By Pamela McDowell, Staff Writer
  Cape Vincent -- Three incumbent town board members, as well as two Jefferson County Elections officials have been named in a legal action, and the official vote tally for the supervisor’s and council races will not become official until absentee ballots are sorted out in a court of law.
  Three Democratic candidates, Alan Wood who ran for supervisor, and Dennis Pearson and Paul Aubertine, who both ran for town council seats, have retained Wladis Law Firm in East Syracuse to represent them.
  They are challenging the validity of absentee ballots in several pages of complaints filed with the clerk of the Supreme Court Nov. 18.
  Among the allegations is that absentee ballots were issued by the board of elections in error, based upon insufficient, fraudulent and forged applications.
  According to the petition, Mr. Wood, Mr. Pearson and Mr. Aubertine believe absentee ballots were given to individuals whose primary residence is not in the town of Cape Vincent and were ineligible to vote.
  It also alleges that the board of elections received applications for absentee ballots, and mailed them out without opportunity for proper and timely review as to the validity of the application, among other related complaints. Commissioners Jerry O. Eaton and Babette M. Hall were named in the legal action.
  On election night, November 5, sitting Supervisor Urban Hirschey (R) seemed to have lost his seat to challenger Alan Wood (D) by a vote of 501 to 426, but more than 307 absentee ballots were out.
  Once the absentee ballot counting began, the totals changed. But 88 absentee ballots were contested by attorneys representing the Cape Vincent Democrats based upon envelopes alone.  Eleven opened ballots were also contested so far.
  This is not the first time that Cape Vincent town race results changed due to absentee ballots.
  Without the absentee ballots, the election night totals for the two town Council seats were as follows: Paul Aubertine (D) had the most votes, with 542. Voters cast 497 votes for Dennis Pearson (D).
  Incumbent Brooks Bragdon (R) had 406, and Councilwoman Michelle Oswald (R) had 386. The official results have not been tallied due to the lawsuit.
  A hearing is scheduled in front of Supreme Court Judge James McClusky on November 26. The Supreme Court may make a decision Tuesday, but depending on the complexities of the case it may remain unsettled longer.
 Link not available ~ 

Cape Vincent Ballot dispute

One of the Republicans named in the suit, said the party is being represented by James Walsh an Albany attorney

One of the Republicans named in the suit, Mr. Hirschey, said the party is being represented by James Walsh, an Albany attorney. He said he and his Republican colleagues will see the court action through to its conclusion.  Link to source~Watertown Times

Mr. Walsh's practice focuses on government relations and regulatory compliance matters in the areas of environmental regulation, government contracting, energy, labor, economic development, consumer protection, higher education and lobbying compliance.
Mr. Walsh is a former Senior Assistant Counsel to the Governor of New York State and was responsible for advising the Governor and Senior Staff on legal issues and legislation related to the environment, energy, local government, procurement, and consumer protection. Among many accomplishments, Mr. Walsh helped negotiate the landmark 2003 State Superfund/Brownfield law and laws establishing fiscal oversight boards for the City of Buffalo and Erie County.

Link here to read more about James Walsh

After low referendum turnout, absentee ballots will decide fate of Cape Vincent water district expansion

CAPE VINCENT — Only 34 town property owners voted Tuesday night in a referendum on expanding Water District 6, producing an inconclusive result because three times as many absentee ballots have yet to be counted. Continue...

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cape Vincent ~ Candidates Aubertine, Pearson and Wood, request court intervention to deny seasonal residents their fundamental right to vote.

 The Democratic candidates running for Town of Cape Vincent Town council, Dennis W. Pearson, Paul F. Aubertine and Alan Wood, who are running for supervisor, filed a legal challenge to disqualify the absentee ballots that were cast by seasonal residents in the Cape Vincent NY, Town Council, and Supervisor race.

 Hey folks, this lawsuit is about one thing, and one thing only.     Read page 10, paragraph 10, of their petition it lays it all out.

What they are contending is that in order to be eligible to vote in Cape Vincent , your primary residence must be Cape Vincent .
Thisis directed at seasonal residents and is nothing more than a throwback to the illegal voter ID law requiring a Cape Vincent address on your driver’s license in order to vote (or if Harold Wileyknows who you are).

  New York State law is clear - citizens with second homes have the right to choose where they want to vote. Residents do not have to vote where they maintain their primary residence. In fact primary residency is not even mentioned in New York State election law.

 In 2007 the State Supreme Court ordered the Delaware County Board of Elections to reinstate eight weekend homeowners who had been stricken from the voting rolls. In his decision Judge Kevin M. Dowd said “The bottom line is… election officials are to establish that the prospective voters address is a real one and not a sham, and then to look at the expressed wishes of the voter.”[1]
(Wilkie et al v. the Delaware County Board of Elections, No. 504004 NYS Sup. Crt App. 3d, Oct. 23, 2008)

 The petition by Aubertine, Pearson and Wood, requests that the court intervene and deny a certain segment of Cape Vincent’s population their fundamental right to vote.
This harkens back to an earlier case in New York State; one of the last reported convictions for false registration and illegal voting in 1876 it involved a woman by the name of Susan B. Anthony, a pioneer of the woman’s Suffrage movement.[2]


Cape Vincent ballot dispute goes to Supreme Court

The Watertown Times
CAPE VINCENT — State Supreme Court Judge James P. McClusky has ordered all ballots from the Nov. 5 election for town offices preserved and ordered that the Jefferson County Board of Elections determine the validity of about 100 absentee votes cast in the election.
Democratic candidates Dennis W. Pearson and Paul F. Aubertine, who are running for seats on the town council, and Alan N. Wood, who is running for supervisor, filed a legal challenge to the ballots Monday at the county clerk’s office against Board of Elections Commissioners Jerry O. Eaton and Babette M. Hall, as well as Town Council candidates Brooks J. Bragdon and Michelle T. Oswald and supervisor candidate Urban C. Hirschey. 

Fox News WNYF channel 7

Cape Vincent Vote Count Still On Hold

Absentee ballot counting for Cape Vincent town supervisor is still on hold.
Officials at the Jefferson County Board of Elections started counting absentee ballots November 13, but locked the ballots away because both sides questioned the legality of many of the ballots.
Elections officials said Tuesday they're waiting for a judge to give them the go-ahead to resume the count.
There's no word on when that might be Continue...

Democratic Court Challange of Cape Vincent NY Absentee Ballots ~ Legal Document

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Cape Vincent Democrats Dispute of Absentee Ballots in Court Raises Many Questions

 After the initial reviewing of the ballots Mr.Hoare abandoned the Democrats.
 The Wladis law firm has now stepped in to fill the shoes of Frank G. Hoare.

 The Town of Cape Vincent's Democratic leadership's challenge to the absentee ballots raises many questions.

Not long ago Frank G. Hoare was called in to represent a Democratic candidate in protecting the  legitimacy of absentee ballots, a situation similar to what Cape Vincent Republicans are faced with.

 In the earlier case that Attorney Frank G. Hoare was involved in,the absentee ballots were being disputed by a Republican candidate .The dispute went before the courts and Frank G. Hoare's client prevailed and was declared the winner.
The details of the case and the judges decision can be read atthe link below.

Cape Vincent Democratic leadership will be taking the Absentee Ballot Challenge to Court

Republican Board of Elections Deputy Commissioner Jerry Eaton estimated one-third of the ballots were being challenged.

The challenges were to the ballots themselves as well as the envelopes in which they were mailed, Eaton said.

Eaton called the challenges "unprecedented." 7 Fox News WWNYTV

Word on the street is that the Democrats will be taking their challenge of the absentee ballots to court. The Democrats will be represented by the Wladis law firm of Albany.

This case could result in a Landmark court decision that may set 
 a precedent that establishes a significant new legal principle
  that could curtail or restrain voter rights in New York
 This is not just about voters in Cape Vincent this has the 
potential to affect every  resident in New York State.

Wind turbine breaks in Wyoming County

Hunters in Orangeville heard a loud boom when blade from a wind turbine at the Orangeville Wind Farm in Wyoming County broke off around 7 a.m. Sunday.
“It sounded like a cannon going off. A loud cannon. I mean, I could hear it a half a mile away and it was loud,” said Gary Paone from Cheektowaga.
The blade weighs approximately 20,000 lbs and is approximately 160 feet long. No one was injured when it dropped to the ground. Continue...

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Watertown Daily Times reports ~ BP project all but dead:

There is a high likelihood that the proposed wind project in Cape Vincent will die a slow and quiet death

 11/17/13 In his Outside looking in column in the Watertown Daily Times  Perry White wrote:
"Unless something changes on a number of fronts, there is a high likelihood that the proposed wind project in Cape Vincent will die a slow and quiet death, starved by a doomed federal subsidy, a steep increase in the availability of natural gas and a regional electrical distribution system that is not prepared to accept generation from far-flung places like Galloo Island and Cape Vincent.

Three Grey-Simcoe wind turbine projects scrapped

Owen Sound Sun
Two wind turbine projects in southeast Grey County and another one straddling the boundary between Grey and Simcoe counties near Singhampton are now off the table. Officials of Windrush Energy Inc. confirmed on Thursday that Skyway 125 Energy Inc. a five turbine project near Maxwell and Flesherton Wind Energy also known as Silver Springs Wind Farm with four turbines proposed for east of Lake Eugenia have been terminated by mutual agreement with the OPA.
Company spokesperson Derek Tennant also confirmed that Skyway 124 Energy Inc., a proposal to build wind turbines from Singhampton to Dunedin in Clearview Township, has also been scrapped. All three projects, which  had been working their way through the provincial approval process for several years, were terminated on Nov. 1.