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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Are Aubertine, Pearson & Wood Admitting they were wrong?

"We completed our review as quickly as possible and immediately notified all parties after it was determined that the vote count should be completed without further delay." (Cape Vincent Democrats News Release November 22, 2013)

In their petition Aubertine Pearson and Wood charged that it was their belief absentee ballots were issued by the board of elections in error based on "insufficient, fraudulent or forged applications."
Even though the rest of the free world knows that there are no primary residence requirements for voting, the Democrats based part of their challenge to the absentee ballots based on this false premise.
The Cape Democrats had ample time to check for "insufficient, fraudulent or forged applications" by seasonal residents as they claimed in their petition.

 Paragraph 9& 10 Aubertine et al.

What could they possibly have reviewed that caused them to drop their suit?
The Democrats hired a top gun New York State election law attorney, presumably they had all the best legal advice they needed to proceed with their challenge of seasonal residents.
Considering that they had the best legal advice regarding the law, what more review did Aubertine, Pearson and Wood need to complete? What new information did they glean last week that changed their opinions? What caused them to withdraw?

What are the Democrats saying, were they wrong or did they drop the suit for some other reason? Regardless, they should apologize to the Board of Elections, their opponents and to the seasonal residents whose votes they attempted to eliminate.


Anonymous said...

It's not over till the fat lady sings! Hold your breath folks!

Anonymous said...

Wrong? Democrats admitting they were wrong in bringing a frivolous lawsuit, it would be a cold day in hell when that occurs. But, I agree, they should tell us if they still believe seasonal residents should not vote in local elections.

Anonymous said...

Cuomo told DA..."cut the shit,I do not need this in an election year"

Anonymous said...

Has there been any discussion about the 11 ballots the Republicans challenged? What is their fate?

Anonymous said...

I believe I am one of those on their list. White, Pearson, Aubertine and Wood are accusing me other family members and a large group of others. I smell big time legal action brewing here against well document efforts of the CFG, Democrats, Bp lease holders and other pro wind backers. The lawsuit may go away. But the claim that they filed and is in my hands and signed by Pearson, Wood and Aubertine will not go away. I feel intimidated, publicly scorned and humiliated. Not to mention libeled.

Anonymous said...


They were only challenged to make a point that relatives of wind lease holders were also voting but have a right to if they are here 30 day. They did not sue over those challenges and of course, the Republicans respect their right to vote.