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Friday, November 1, 2013

Cape officials continue to face backlash over proposed Water District 6 expansion

CAPE VINCENT — Amidst ongoing backlash from several Pleasant Valley Road/County Route 6 residents over the proposed Water District 6 expansion, the town apparently has agreed to lower the water rate for at least one additional property.  Continue...


Anonymous said...

Why are they "backlashing"? Their cost would be less,they would become compliant with government regulations, the Village would get off the hook with the DEC and it would enable further development. Let's face it folks, it's another sad example of a few people fighting everything that this Town Board tries to accomplish in spite of the benefits it would create.

Anonymous said...

11:05, Hey it ain't free, and it gives big mouth Edsall something to yap about.

He's not happy less he's in the public eye.

No doubt he hopes if the current board gets derailed, there might be a chance for him to get his planning board kingdom back.