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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cape Vincent ballot dispute goes to Supreme Court

The Watertown Times
CAPE VINCENT — State Supreme Court Judge James P. McClusky has ordered all ballots from the Nov. 5 election for town offices preserved and ordered that the Jefferson County Board of Elections determine the validity of about 100 absentee votes cast in the election.
Democratic candidates Dennis W. Pearson and Paul F. Aubertine, who are running for seats on the town council, and Alan N. Wood, who is running for supervisor, filed a legal challenge to the ballots Monday at the county clerk’s office against Board of Elections Commissioners Jerry O. Eaton and Babette M. Hall, as well as Town Council candidates Brooks J. Bragdon and Michelle T. Oswald and supervisor candidate Urban C. Hirschey. 

Fox News WNYF channel 7

Cape Vincent Vote Count Still On Hold

Absentee ballot counting for Cape Vincent town supervisor is still on hold.
Officials at the Jefferson County Board of Elections started counting absentee ballots November 13, but locked the ballots away because both sides questioned the legality of many of the ballots.
Elections officials said Tuesday they're waiting for a judge to give them the go-ahead to resume the count.
There's no word on when that might be Continue...

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Anonymous said...

Your town has been hijacked by a band of desperados (CFG-Democrats) who are not in this race to honorably perform a civic service. They are desperate and fully intend to change and destroy anything and everything they can out of pure spite because they are losing the wind battle. No matter how this shakes out the citizens should never forget that the Dems and their mentor have put you through living hell for the past 7 years. If they win it will be because of some technical glitch not because you intended to elect them. If they win they lose and if they lose they lose. Cape Vincent is too good of a place to be run by desperados with no intention to be good public servants.