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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


 The Cape Vincent Democratic leadership is challenging a large number of absentee ballots based on residency issues. 
Apparently they believe that a certain segment of the tax paying population of Cape Vincent should not be allowed to vote .

A prior attempt to disenfranchise voters in Cape Vincent failed miserably. 
in 2011 a petition was circulated around town to stop what was referred to as voter fraud. 

Harold L. Wiley, a lifelong Cape Vincent resident, and chairman of the local Democratic Party submitted  a  petition to the Town Board August 11, 2011 urging a voter driver’s license requirement. 

 After the petition was submitted to the board Town Councilman Donny Mason introduced a resolution to restrict voting to those registered voters that met certain ID requirements. This resolution passed in a three to two vote .

The attorney general weighed in on this voter ID law calling it unconstitutional
 At a special board meeting Aug. 26, 2011, the illegal  voter ID law was rescinded by three members of the town board, Supervisor Hirschey, Councilmen Bragdon  and Councilmen Orvis.  Councilmen Marty Mason and Donny Mason voted against rescinding the “Voter Fraud Law”.

 Below is a copy of the Affidavit submitted by Gary King in the case King V Hludzenski,a SLAPP action against Jefferson's Leaning Left and Pandora's Box of Rocks. 

The plaintiffs described themselves as Voters for Wind and members of the CFG. Additionally the Judge identified some plaintiffs as British Petroleum lease holders.

 This affidavit was allegedly signed by Gary King , April 10, 2013 it clearly defines the objective of Citizens for Fair Government prior to this election. 

 Their bigotry,intolerance and arrogance toward a segment of our community that provides the bulk of financial support is despicable.


Before me, the undersigned authority, personally appeared, after being duly sworn,

states as follows:

 1.    My name is Gary King. I am more than 21 years of age and competent

to testify to the statement set forth in this affidavit.

 2.   I am a citizen of New York. I have personal knowledge of matter set forth

3.     I am a member of an organization known as Citizens for Fair Government
(“CFG”). Harvey White, Donnie Mason, Marty Mason, Paul Mason, Marlene Burton, Darrell Burton and Frank Giaquinto are also members or supporters of CFG.

4.     CFG’s objective is to ensure that the rights of the citizens of Cape Vincent, New

York are protected.

5.     To achieve this objective,CFG has undertaken certain measures to safeguard the
civil liberties and interests of the year-round residents of the town of Cape Vincent.

6.    While not the sole concern of CFG, curtailing suspected voter fraud in Cape

Vincent is CFG’s primary concern.

7. Voter fraud is CFG’s primary focus because seasonal residents had attempted to

change where they are registered to vote in an effort to influence elections in Cape Vincent in a

way that harms the interests of year-round residents.

 8.  In or around the summer of 2011, certain members of CFG, including those listed

in paragraph 3 above, gathered to voice their concerns over what we believe to be the illegal

 voting practices occurring in Cape Vincent.

 9.  During that gathering, a measure is proposed that was designed to stop the

voting practices we believed were illegal. The proposed measure would require  any voter in a

 Town election to present a New York State ID with a Cape Vincent address. That measure

became the basis for the all August 11, 2011 Resolution (the " Resolution" ), attached hereto as

Exhibit A.

10.  A commissioner of the Jefferson County Board of Elections was present At the

initial gathering where the proposed measure was discussed. That Commissioner noted that the

Resolution could be challenged in court, but otherwise expressed little concern over its contents

or its goal.

11.  A petition in support of the resolution was circulated in Cape Vincent in or

 around August 2011, and was ultimately signed by over two hundred (200) citizens.

Specifically, it requested the town board take action to resolve illegal and unethical voting

methods in Town elections. A true and accurate copy of this petition is attached hereto as Exhibit


12. The petition requested that the Town Board implement a procedure whereby

voters would be required to present a New York State driver' s license with a Cape Vincent

address in order to vote.

 13. The petition was presented to the town board and subsequently adopted as the


 14.  After the adoption of the Resolution, the Town Board solicited the opinion of the

Town Attorney regarding the Resolution.

 15.  In a letter, attached hereto as Exhibit C, the Town Attorney responded by stating

that " the resolution… Is ineffective." According to the letter, the Town Attorney recognized that

a prospective voter must be a resident of the jurisdiction for 30 days and that residency is

largely a question of intent.

16.  CFG has also taken an interest in the administration of the New York School Tax

Relief Program (“STAR”). STAR provides individuals partial exemptions from school property

taxes, but he order to qualify for an exemption, an individual must own a home and that home

must be the individuals primary residence.

17.  A local assessor determines primary residence by examining among other factors,

voting registration and the links of time spent each year at a given property.

18.  CFG believed that part-time residents of Cape Vincent were registering to vote in
Cape Vincent in an effort to qualify their seasonal property for partial exemption under STAR.

By doing so, the part-time residents would divest the local school district of needed funds and

thus negatively impact the interests of year-round residents.

19.  In or around October two thousand 11, an unsigned notice was sent to various city
assessors notifying each that a resident of their city had recently registered to vote in Cape Vincent. The notice is attached hereto as Exhibit D.

20.  While the notice purported to be from me and Harold Wiley and myself, I did not

draft, sign or otherwise authorize the issuance of the notice.

21. At least one assessor responded to the notice by contacting a seasonal resident of

Cape Vincent to confirm the primary residence of that individual. A letter containing the

findings of that assessor is attached hereto as Exhibit E. As the letter states, the assessor

ultimately concluded that the seasonal resident had committed voter fraud by claiming to be a primary residence of Cape Vincent.

22.  Neither British Petroleum (“BP”) nor any of its related entities or subsidiaries

have provided any funds to me or, to my knowledge, any of the other Plaintiffs in connection

with this lawsuit.


Gary King

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