BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cape Vincent ~ Dems strike out ~ Hoare not going to bat over absentee votes .

In an unprecedented move Top Gun lawyer Frank Hoare was brought in to contest absentee votes in a small sleepy town in northern NY ,once characterized as little Appalachia by BP's community outreach consultant Trieste Associates.

Frank Hoare is considered the premier election law attorney in New York Sate, he has impeccable credentials and is a heavy hitter when it comes to important major elections at both the state and federal level.
According to the Watertown Times Frank Hoare was brought in to represent the interests of Paul Aubertine.

After election day the democrats had a substantial lead however, if all the absentee votes were counted theoretically all of the incumbents could very well be returned to office.

At the end of the first days count there were enough uncontested absentee votes to ensure Supervisor Hirschey's return to office and confirm an unassailable lead for Paul Aubertine.

It is likely that Hoare's involvement in the contesting of absentee votes ended because at this point the numbers boiled down to a contest between Dennis Pearson and councilman Brooks Bragdon.

On election day Pearson walked away with 497 votes a 91 vote lead over incumbent candidate Bragdon who ended up with 406 votes .

At the end of the first days count of the absentee ballots Pearson's lead over Bragdon had shrunk to 15 votes . Subsequently, for Pearson to prevail would have required Hoare to make a case in court to toss more than half of the contested absentee ballots out.

The chances of success would be nil and it may have been decided that going to bat for Pearson would not be worth the effort or cost.


Anonymous said...

This was nothing more than another attempt at intimidation of seasonal residents since many of the contested ballots are people who have voted here in the past.

Protect the right to vote! Stand up to ALL bullies who try to tell you that you are not allowed to vote in Cape Vincent. Next time - more seasonals will vote!

Anonymous said...

Dennis Pearson did their dirty work and was not supported as much as Darrell Aubertine's little boy.
What compensation, if any, did Dennis receive in return for the BS that he spread around town? Attaboy, Denny.

Anonymous said...

The following is statement # 7 from Gary King's signed affadavit. The more times I read it the, the more dumbfounded I am as to the audacity and pure stupidity of its intent.

"7. Voter fraud is CFG’s primary focus because seasonal residents had attempted to

change where they are registered to vote in an effort to influence elections in Cape Vincent in a

way that harms the interests of year-round residents."

Incredible statment!!