Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Democratic Court Challange of Cape Vincent NY Absentee Ballots ~ Legal Document


Anonymous said...

They claim the Bd of Elections allowed people to vote here at addresses that were not their primary residence.

In NYS you have a choice of voting at the residence of your choice. What part of this right in NYS is incomprehensible to our local Democratic Party and CFG?

Stay Focusef said...

The issue in all this that bugs me the most is why more seasonal residents did not bother to vote. I hoped they have learned a lesson about the dangers of staying on the sidelines

Anonymous said...

Stay focused, the Republicans were somewhat lackadaisical in their campaign this time around,especially with all the hammering they took on several key issues. Excuse the pun-maybe they did not "stay focused"

It's true that more seasonal residents could have registered to vote here, however it seems they need to be courted to do so.
Maybe the reluctance to acknowledge the value of their vote here comes from them as well as from the pro-wind, anti-seasonal locals.

maybe they just had important issues to vote on in their other places of residence.