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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Double Standards $ Double Talk

  This comment came in on an earlier post about property owners voting in favor of water district 6
For all the shouting by prowind citizens on this topic and the fact that they tried to say Urban, Brooks and Cliff should not vote on it since they lived in the district - can you reprint the 2006 letter from Darrel Aubertine to the Town Board saying he thought it was just fine for council members with leases (financial conflict of interest) should vote be allow on wind development issues!!!

So - back in 2006 Darrel thought that having a direct financial conflict of interest due to holding a lease with a wind company was just fine. Now we all know that this is a direct financial conflict of interest as defined by NYS Law.

 Darrel Aubertine
Today - the prowind (Darrel supported) people in District 6 (and candidates who tried to make this an election issues) claimed that the fact that Urban, Brooks and Cliff are in the district means they cannot vote on it as council members. Unlike wind lease holders, these 3 would not benefit from this district any more than any other member of the district. Still - instead of the Town council making a decision on the district - it was put up for a vote by all members.

The district members (by a very large majority) voted to form the district. This is democracy in action - directed by a legally elected and ethical board.

Thanks to the town board for moving forward with this district. Now on to other areas of the town that need water!!!!

This comment makes some very important points.
Additionally, it should be noted that not only did Assemblyman Aubertine tell wind lease holding Town Board members that it was ethically proper to vote on the siting wind turbines, but he added that it was unwise to let people decide for themselves through referendum

 The Aubertine letter ~

 Darrel Aubertine in the Senate, refusing to stand for the pledge of Allegiance.


Anonymous said...

Does his son have a mind of his own? Is his ethical bent inherited?

Darrell's son is a blank slate who has no history of attending town meetings during the pro wind corruption days of the town board and planning board. So how does he know anything except the version he has been given through osmosis or oligarchic bloodline?

Anonymous said...

Paul Aubertine signed legal action against people who had the legal right to vote. Makes you wonder if he will refuse to take the town board oath of office requiring him to support the constitution.

Anonymous said...

Pro wind blowhards tried to make this as nasty as they could.

Anonymous said...

Are we all jealous that he won?

Anonymous said...


Is this Junior High School?

Anonymous said...


I think Paul Aubertine was elected because enough people were beginning to feel very sorry for the pro wind losers and some actually believe some incredible lies told by a pro wind campaign that may have set a NYS record for the amount of money poured in a town council race using the influence of a well connected daddy.

He was the best answer for what was believed by some to be a need for balance.

But, then the campaign and Paul did the unforgivable. They took legal action which claimed false charges against and attempted to deny the legal rights of other to vote.

What he and Wood and Pearson did was put Cape Vincent business at risk because of another formal declaration of war against the 75% of taxpayers. Paul may have taken the final blow on the wedge that has been splitting our community.

We will see how they explain that one. My advice? Shut up and let Paul sit there and smile and do his designated duty as a pro wind message boy.

Anonymous said...

Obama was a blank slate too.Look what he's doing to the country.Paul is a one and done!