BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Monday, November 25, 2013

Hirschey, Aubertine and Bragdon win in Cape Vincent

CAPE VINCENT — It appears that Urban C. Hirschey, Paul F. Aubertine and Brooks J. Bragdon have emerged victorious from the Cape Vincent election fracas, according to Republican Election Commissioner Jerry O. Eaton. 
Final numbers are not yet available, but the candidates and parties have agreed on the outcome, Mr. Eaton said.



Anonymous said...

Al Wood(Civic Charlie) actually received 73 votes by absentee ballots.

Does that mean that 73 local pro-wind folks have become part-time residents?? Or maybe as HJW accused a certain resident in the WDT, these voters were chicken to come to town!

Anonymous said...

HJW was part of the nastiest dirtiest commentary I have ever read on the WDT comment sections. Surprised that the WDT went along with it. My guess?
Part of the Aubertine, Wood, Pearson campaign..an approved message.