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Monday, November 4, 2013

Novenber 5th re- elect Michelle Bouchard Town of Cape Vincent Town Clerk

Michelle Bouchard is running for re-election as Town of Cape Vincent Town Clerk .  October 10, 2013 a  meet the candidates event was held at rec park, Michelle spoke about her many accomplishments as Town Clerk.

 What Michelle had to say ~

Good evening, I am Michelle Bouchard the incumbent candidate for Town Clerk.
I am a military brat , my father was a Marine and true Grunt. He and my mother instilled in my brothers , sister and I to honor , respect and to have discipline. These characteristics I adhere to in my professional career.

I was elected three years ago as Town Clerk and came into office under very  stressful circumstances.
These challenges I met, I restored integrity and brought back trust to the position. I cleaned the office, moved the furnature around and made the office more inviting to the public. I installed a drop box so law enforcement and residents are able to drop things off for  the judges, assessor, zoning officer,
supervisor and clerk. making the Town Office building accessible 24/7.

I am actively involved with the county Clerks association and was able to hold a dinner meeting here in Cape Vincent. The first for Cape Vincent . I also chaired a Clerk of the year committee for our Region and was
successful in having Mary Smith , Town Clerk for the Town of leRay honored as Clerk of the year for our Region by the State Clerks association.
I contacted Addie Russell to entice her to have one of her rediscovering  your backyard events here in
Cape Vincent. And together with Shelly Higgins we have had two very successful Escape to the Cape
I helped create a new Town website and I am now the "Webmaster".
 In 2011 NYS decided that it would no longer issue dog licenses and because of my past experience in dog insurance I was able to institute a system for renewals and new licenses.

I have been in contact with the DEC and offered Cape Vincent as a training location for all license
issuing agents. In two weeks , here in this room all license issuing agents in Jefferson County will be
trained on the new system. This is not just town clerks but marinas, and sporting good stores that issue licenses.
For the future I will become a notary . I have taken a notary prep course and have taken the exam
and I am waiting to hear the results . This is a service that I can provide at the office.

I will offer to collect second and third installments on your property taxes . If this is an option you choose. I will be able to collect at the office. You will no longer have to pay the County . With three years of collection experience under my belt , I know it is time to offer these services.

Lastly, I am 12 points away from becoming a Registered Municipal Clerk. I will sign my name Michele, RMC. This certification comes from experience and education. I have attended training classes, and seminars . I will be the first Cape Vincent Town Clerk to receive this certification.

Thank you

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