BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Off-year ballots have municipal focus

Voters across the north country will head to the polls Tuesday in an off-year election that will focus on local county and municipal officials.

Important town contests in Jefferson County include Cape Vincent, where a full slate of pro-wind farm candidates are challenging the incumbent supervisor and two councilmen .  Continue...


Anonymous said...

Well said Mr. White - "prowind candidates" - why have tried to deny it?

A recent Democrat flier quotes Al Wood, Paul Aubertine and Dennis Pearson - all town council candidates. They focus on "returning to the past" in Cape.

I want a town council that uses the strengths of the past to build a great future!


Stay Focused said...

This election is about two things:

1) Wind

2) A one sided group grudge against any office holder who does not support wind and who worked to free the town from the threat of wind development

Anonymous said...

Vote in the place you love the most, where you have the most to lose, and where your one vote will count the most.

Mail in those absentee ballots if you have not done so already. Laziness and apathy are keys to defeat.

Anonymous said...

The pro-windies are running as a group (they have the same platform but have not had the courage to tell us what it is). But since BP announced their exit plan, the pro-windies seem to be lost for a clear agenda. All they want to do now is get even with any of us that opposed big wind. Your town will suffer if you do not vote for the incumbents.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to vote. Hirschey, Bragdon and Oswald....Good Luck!!!