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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Political parties, elections officials quibble over Cape Vincent absentee count details

In the race to control the Cape Vincent Town Council, every ballot, every detail, counts.
Candidate representative authorization forms show that Mr. Radley, Mr. White and Mr. Hoare all swore to be representatives of Mr. Aubertine.
Cape Vincent Republican Councilman John L. Byrne III maintains that Democratic candidate Paul F. Aubertine had too many people representing him during a canvass of absentee ballots at the Jefferson County Board of Elections office Wednesday. As the saga unfolds and ballot counting continues, Republican Town Supervisor Urban Hirschey now leads Democratic challenger Alan N. Wood.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to John Byrne for attending to the details! Unless you had the state law (which obviously had been checked by the Democrats for Paul) you would follow the local policy (of one representative for each candidate). Even the commissioners said they needed to update their policy.

Just good oversight of the valuable right in our country - the right to vote!!!!