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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sacrificed to wind special interests

I am one of the taxpayers in Peru who dreads the idea of wind turbines. I worry about flicker effect and I fear for the value of my property. Even pro-wind presenters confirmed that flicker effect occurs and you can’t predict when. It can cause seizures and migraines in some people and until it hits, you won’t know. They suggest dark shades for my windows. Really? What about being able to enjoy my yard during these surprise attacks? No answer.
The majority of people voted in favor of the moratorium. We missed the two-thirds plus 1 vote needed to pass by only 18 votes. I’m stunned. I’m heartsick over statements presented preceding the vote from residents who support this project. One resident stated we could always move if we didn’t like the turbines or they made us ill. His comments were heartless and unreasonable. Maybe he doesn’t have a son buried in Peru, like we do. My husband’s family members have been residents of Peru for almost 60 years. Continue...

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