BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Seasonal Cape residents deserve a vote

The editorial piece “There are no winners in Cape Vincent battle” by Watertown Daily Times City Editor Perry White (Outside Looking In, Nov. 17) may have missed the center on some shots and missed the target altogether on others.
The suggestion that wind has gone out of the sails of the anti-wind faction may be a bit premature and overstated. Currently, it looks like two of three incumbents will be returned to office.
Also, consider that wind was not the central issue of the campaign. Wind did not emerge as a vocal issue until the votes were counted, and now the sails are filled with indignation over yet another attempt by Democrats to stop seasonal residents from voting. Continue...


Anonymous said...

Absolutely true and well stated.

Thanks for submitting this to the paper. It needs to be read, including by those who publish the paper.

Anonymous said...

Years ago I befriended a young man and hired him to do work. He ranted and raved about the laws and government. He bragged that he did not vote and they were all crooks. He did not believe in the laws. Behavior should be his choice.

This year, he registered to vote, ran for town council using a very dirty campaign and lost.

Thank God.

Anonymous said...

Suggestion for new town council kid, Paul Aubertine.

Prove that you "understand both sides" and develop a system that pro rates taxes based on the number of nights a citizen actually sleeps in Cape Vincent.

It should be very easy. Install an easy pass system at both ends of town and at the docks to keep track of when people enter and when they leave Cape Vincent.

For example, If a taxpayer only stays in Cape Vincent for 100 days, then they will only have to pay 100/365 of their taxes, or 27%.

Of course, it would be understood that in exchange for this agreement and solution to the pesky problem of outsiders only those who hung their diapers in Cape Vincent would get the right to vote. Naturally, since it is the Democrat program, they get to decide who is and who isn't and outsider. They can make up a test and Al Wood and Dennis Pearson could be the "Kings in charge of the census."

People who don't pay any taxes at all, get to stay here as much as they want still get to vote provided the Chairs of the CFG and Democratic party know them.

Anonymous said...

At least two CV real estate dealers are close to the democratic movement and candidates who took the lawsuit aimed at "outsiders" right to vote. Buyers, should aways be concerned with who they are dealing with when they make a large investment in a community. And, closely associated with the "Had Enough, yet?" signs. One is still "proudly displayed" near a country home that I pass daily.

Anonymous said...

I would not want to go into a CV business and run into Wood, Aubertine or Pearson. I would not feel comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Start a Business in CV who along with the pro wind paparazzi lady who stalks Cape businesses trying to get dirty pictures of anti wind is most likely part of the Aubertine anti seasonal team and has recognized that the work of Clif Schneider is one of the keys to keeping wind out of the Thousand Islands. So Start a Business in CV has already launched a smear campaign against Mr. Schneider. Like one comment said, it is going to be a long two years for Cape Vincent and their businesses as the pro wind evil lurks.