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Monday, November 18, 2013

The Cape Vincent Democrats Dispute of Absentee Ballots in Court Raises Many Questions

 After the initial reviewing of the ballots Mr.Hoare abandoned the Democrats.
 The Wladis law firm has now stepped in to fill the shoes of Frank G. Hoare.

 The Town of Cape Vincent's Democratic leadership's challenge to the absentee ballots raises many questions.

Not long ago Frank G. Hoare was called in to represent a Democratic candidate in protecting the  legitimacy of absentee ballots, a situation similar to what Cape Vincent Republicans are faced with.

 In the earlier case that Attorney Frank G. Hoare was involved in,the absentee ballots were being disputed by a Republican candidate .The dispute went before the courts and Frank G. Hoare's client prevailed and was declared the winner.
The details of the case and the judges decision can be read atthe link below.


Anonymous said...

Is this law firm doing this as a favor for Darrell Aubertine? Is this all a vendetta because we refused to become New York's Energy Valley?

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the same law firm the Town has paid $30000.00 annually?