BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Monday, November 4, 2013

There is only one truth

There has been a lot of False Information given out in the Present Election Cycle
We would like at this time to Clear Up Some of that Information

·         The 2014 Budget

The Budget that is being circulated by the Democrat candidates was a “Tentative Budget”.  This Tentative Budget was given to Dennis Pearson upon his request.  It was clearly marked that it was a Tentative Budget and it would not reflect the final budget.  The Tentative Budget is put together from all the wish lists of items from everyone including people outside the Town Board.   The Town Board then reviews the Tentative Budget to determine which of the items are to be included in the final budget, to insure the budget is within NY State Guidelines and is fair to the taxpayers.  The final budget will be presented at a public hearing which is scheduled for Nov. 7th.  The tax level in the final budget is below the NYS Cap and the tax rate being proposed in the final budget is $.60. Last year’s tax rate was $1.00.

·         The New Zoning Laws

The new zoning laws were updated to be in line with the updated Town and Village Comprehensive Plan.  Both the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Laws were developed by committees made up of Board Members and citizens from the community. All meetings held were open to the general public. The Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Laws are representative of the majority of the community.

·         The Open Government Policy

To insure that there is an open government representing all the citizens of Cape Vincent the following was put in place by the present Town Board.
o   Each board Member has signed an Ethics Pledge
o   Privilege of the floor was implemented to give the citizens of the Town of Cape Vincent the opportunity to voice their concerns, opinions  and ideas
o   All meetings are recorded by an independent company. These recordings are made available for viewing thru the Town of Cape Vincent Web Page providing an open government to all citizens.

·         BP Placement of Industrial Windmills In the Town of Cape Vincent

This is one of the most controversial and important issue facing Cape Vincent. 
The Democrat candidates have made the statement that the Town of Cape Vincent has no say in the decision on Industrial Wind Turbines in the Town of Cape Vincent and it is completely up to the State of New York under Article X.  Nothing can be further from the truth. 
The Town of Cape Vincent has representation on the Article X Board for the siting of Wind Turbines in the Town of Cape Vincent.  Without this representation Industrial Wind Turbines could and would be placed almost anywhere in the Town of Cape Vincent.

Protect your Town          Urban Hirschey – For Supervisor   Michelle Bouchard - For Town Clerk
Please Vote Nov. 5th       Brooks Bragdon & Michelle Oswald – For Town Councilmen


Anonymous said...

I have been suspicious about the fact that no Democratic candidate has openly discussed the wind issue. Seems like they want to "ignore" it - hoping to get into office and then try to get any wind company in the town.

Remember that leaseholders represent about 4% of the town population. Previous govenments in this town supported that group at the expense of the rest of the town.

BP's (or some other company if they sell) proposed project of 124(about 40 more than the Wolfe Island development) turbines, each 500' tall (100' taller than the ones on Wolfe Island) would be an economic disaster to our town! People will loose property value, people's health will be impacted, the population of the town will decline further. Industrial wind turbines do not belong in a town that has the popluation denisty of Cape Vincent.

Our elected officials for 2014 - regardless of who they are WILL have to participate in the Article X process. Do you want someone in office that has NOT read or cares about understanding the Article X process?

I am suspicious that the Democracts - if elected - will once again focus only on the 4% leaseholders group in our town.

As for Democrats telling you that the Town has NO say in the Article X process - a FAT LIE! The Article X rules are available for all NYS citizens to read - but I guess they have not bothered to do that!

What else have they promised? A Democrat flier gives some hints....

Al Wood says he wants to "bring people back to the Cape" - how - he does not say!

Paul Aubertine wants to "bring back the citizenship and strong community that always symbolized the Cape."

Dennis Pearson states "honesty, openness, investment in the community....add up to a government you can trust." And then he lets people believe that a draft budget is the final budget that will be presented to the community on November 7? What else will he do if elected?

So...I do not want leaders that "want to go back" - I want leaders that will build on the strengths of the past and look to the future!!!!

VOTE HIRSCHEY, BRAGDON AND OSWALD for a Town Council that will lead us into the future! VOTE BOUCHARD for Town Clerk - she has clearly demonstrated her committment to a professional job!

And remember - Metal Craft has brought more permament jobs to Cape than any industrial wind turbine development could every dream of providing for a community!

Metal Craft has brought more jobs to Cape Vincent than any industrial wind turbine development will ever bring!

Anonymous said...

Now that the truth is out those spreading the misleading propaganda are really, I mean REALLY, angry. Being really angry indicates that the truth really hurts. Thanks, Urban, Brooks, Michelle and Michelle for displaying the courage to fight back. A landslide victory for all of you is what we look forward to.

Anonymous said...

Remember. A large part of success is showing up.