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Thursday, November 14, 2013

"Unprecedented" Challenges In Cape Vincent Supervisor Race

Republican Board of Elections Deputy Commissioner Jerry Eaton estimated one-third of the ballots were being challenged.

The challenges were to the ballots themselves as well as the envelopes in which they were mailed, Eaton said.

Eaton called the challenges "unprecedented." 7 Fox News WWNYTV

  Cape Vincent Democratic leadership has brought in TOP GUN lawyer (Frank Hoare) from Albany with the appointed task of killing seasonal  absentee votes  


Anonymous said...

Chicken-shit politics practiced by the Cape Vincent Democrats.

What a chicken-shit history. First the petition to require voter ID with a Cape address. Then sending letters to town assessors threaten the loss of their STAR exemption. Then a SLAPP suit against bloggers to shut them up. Then an affidavit outlining their commitment to the 2013 War on Seasonal Voters.

Now the Democrats have dropped off the cliff and are tumbling into an ethical abyss. Questioning absentee voter signatures, crumpled envelopes, fly-shit on ballots and any other meaningless crap that might help them toss another vote by a seasonal resident. When will it end?

But, this isn't about the right of seasonals to vote in Cape Vincent. If the seasonals supported Democrats, the DEMS would be defending seasonal voters until hell would freeze over.

The real issue in all the recent, past elections is the lack of support by seasonals for Democrats, industrial wind and the good old boys. Rather than DEMS trying to cultivate the support of seasonal voters by giving them a reason to vote for the DEMS, the DEMS continue to stick their finger in the eye of every seasonal voter - if you won't vote Democrat then the hell with you!

At some point, possibly under different leadership, maybe the Democrats will learn to stop fighting those who pay 75% of town taxes and instead earn their votes. My, my what a novel thought for Cape Democrats. As long as the Democrats are under Wiley control you can rest assured they'll never kowtow to anyone who doesn't know Harold Wiley personally.

Anonymous said...

You may have an even bigger problem with the retirement of Wiley and his succession by Whites who are puppets of of Aubertine.

Anonymous said...

Of course then again maybe we should stop being suckers and STOP paying 75% of the town taxes!

Anonymous said...

Cape Democrats are dumb-asses. Why would Democrats go down the path of pissing off seasonals by challenging votes when Democrats went through the election season trying to keep a low profile on the wind issue? These challenges and lack of respect for seasonal voters will just give more reason for seasonal voters to continue to vote in Cape Vincent. How stupid of the Democrats! This is just setting the stage for the next election where seasonals will continue to vote in the Cape and continue to vote against the arrogant, xenophobic Cape Democrats. Had enough, yet? You betcha! I'll never vote for any party that has spent this much effort trying to deny the voting rights of legal, taxpaying citizens.

Anonymous said...

This isn't about the Democrats. It's just that these people with little moral fiber that sold out to the likes of B/P happen to be Democrats. It's a disgrace to this town, this Democrat included.

Anonymous said...

The movement to encourage more and more seasonal residents to register to vote in Cape Vincent in 2015 should begin today!

Anonymous said...

Call them what you want, but Cape Dems have deep rooted beliefs, seemingly endless family relations, and beliefs that are so backward and disconnected from modern ways that they can't be swayed. They are an embarrassment for the Board of Elections. This has been proven time and time again.The current election is proof that no matter who the Dems run or what their platform is, 500or so will automatically vote for them. The situation is changing. But it will take another generation or so to breed it out of these people. In the mean time, if you care at all about your community, get involved in all things political and never assume that the Dems will come to their senses naturally.

Anonymous said...

Yeah,It's like Green Acres.They started terrible rumors and people believed them! It's sad.Think about it .What would Cape Vincent be without the Seasonal Folks?How can a Seasonal just stand by now and not VOTE???Can't you see what they are trying to do? WAKE UP!!! All we want to do is to keep the Cape Nice.