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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Vestas turbine blaze in Quebec

NextEra Energy Canada is investigating the cause of a fire that broke out in a Vestas turbine at the 54MW Mount Copper wind farm in Quebec last week.
The Murdochville fire department responded to a call in the early afternoon of 13 November. The blaze started in the nacelle and spread to the blades, NextEra spokesman Steven Stengel told reNews. Continue via NWW...

Vestas has been plagued by wind turbine fires  in the past.  The company blamed a 2011 wind turbine fire on a brake problem.  In 2012, a Vestas V-112 wind turbine in Germany caught fire; Vestas blamed the blaze on a loose connection that caused an arc flash.  Also in 2012; a  similar arc fire occurred in a Vestas V-90 turbine in Spain during maintenance; in addition a Vestas turbine collapsed in Ireland.  Then in April 2013, a Vestas V-80 wind turbine in Ontario, Canada, burst into flames.  Continue ~ Wind Action

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