Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Actions speak louder than words

   Dennis Pearson:
"We refuse to allow ourselves to get dragged into this fight, but instead to continue to work for the future of the Cape through open and fair government. A government where everyone has a voice, a government you can trust." 

The letter below  by Dennis Pearson appeared in the Thousand Islands Sun November 06, 2013.  This letter speaks to fairness and representation of all citizens in Cape Vincent.

 Pearson wrote that he was for a fair and open government. "A government  where everyone has a voice."
 However,the events that transpired after the election demonstrate what  Aubertine Pearson and Wood are really all about.
Aubertine Pearson and Wood attempted to deny 78 tax paying residents a voice by disputing the validity of their votes.
 How is it fair that you would deny 78 tax paying residents their  legal right to vote in Cape Vincent ?


Anonymous said...

In Other words just pay your taxes and shut-up!

Anonymous said...

Anybody who believed this letter must feel like an absolute fool!

These guys didn't get "dragged" into any fight,- hell they walked right out in the street like drunkards and started it.

Stay Focused said...

Who are these "average" Cape citizens he is talking about? I'm confused.

Anonymous said...

The two faces of Dennis Pearson.
At the same time Pearson was singing the fairness song he is plotting to deny seasonal voters the right to vote.

Anonymous said...

You betcha 9:59

Watching what he does and reading what he says I think is not fair to the community and very bad for our businesses. I also get the feeling that he may not be accurate with what he provides to the WDT and Sun. That is not far to them either.

Anonymous said...


Dennis you told me you never read the blogs. So just in case you were jerking me around let me put out this question…..

How deep are your pockets?

Anonymous said...

Dennis is all washed up.Putting the screws to the very people who use to hire him to do work.Hard to believe.