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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Another Correction for the Watertown Daily Times ?

According to a report in the Watertown Times Dennis Pearson is accusing the Town of Cape Vincent town Board of violating the open meetings laws.

The meeting in question was held at the town offices Monday December 09 prior to the article 10 procedural meeting held by the Public Service Commission at Cape Vincent elementary school.

The Watertown Times "appears" to misrepresent a meeting held by the Town of Cape Vincent as being illegal.

I have been informed by two reliable sources that those in attendance were Town of Cape Vincent attorney Paul Curtin, five town board members, Chair of the Planning Board, Chair of the Zoning Board of Appeals and past-Chair of the Planning Board.

Additionally, a represenative of Wind Power Ethics Group (WPEG) was there to discuss intervenor funding awarded jointly to WPEG and the Town of Cape Vincent by Judge Agresta.

Pearson apparently snapped a photo of the meeting that would be useful to identify those present, who were described as, “...a variety of others that weren’t members of staff or associated with government.”

The Watertown Daily Times article referenced above.

CAPE VINCENT – Before a public hearing Monday about the Cape Vincent Wind Farm proposal, Town Council held a private meeting seeking advice from an attorney that appears to be a violation of the state Open Meetings Law. Continue...


Anonymous said...

I want my town back! I want my town back,dammit!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be great if we could have a discussion about this void of irrational partisan bias.

The question seems, why were other community members ,who are not clients of Attorney Curtin, allowed to be present when the general public,i.e. Mr Pearson ,were not.

Anonymous said...

"irrational partisan bias"

No it's not.

Come on. Stop trying to ignore the elephant in the parlor. There is nothing irrational about the partisanship that has evolved in town.

This partisanship has a very rational basis. One side wants wind development and the other absolutely does not.

This is a critical and defining issue for the future of the town. Don't try to pretend it is anything less than that.

This is not childish sniping over something inconsequential. It is black and white.

Pick your side and fight to win. There can't be a middle ground here. Sorry - that's the way it is. Too many people have too much to lose.

Anonymous said...

4:58 You're absolutely right, many people have much to lose.

So its principles be damned, all that matters is the fight,and who wins??

sadly if your attitude is commonplace, then much has already been lost!

Anonymous said...


Look at the way the CFG-Democrats are fighting down dirty with slurs, gossip, spread of hatred and now with their constant harassment. Wind and wind supporters started splitting this town years ago. It was part of a community organizers plan. And, yes it is now a clearly defined war. Pro wind has picked its enemy and even with law suits and public intimidation they intend to destroy. So it is WAR. And those who don't fight, stand to lose the town they love.

Stay Focused said...


Please explain to me what principles underlie support for the pro-wind supporters in Cape Vincent?

Please explain to me what principles would require that people who don't want wind should suck it and let in wind development anyway?

I hope you will have something better to offer than "A man has a right to do what he wants with his own land."

Anonymous said...

I commend John Byrne for telling Pearson to get the hell out.
In this case, Pearson never should have been allowed to walk in on a lawyer meeting and take a picture.
What did he hear and what did he learn that was privileged?
Public building does not mean the public can walk in and threaten or harass. Time to protect
ALL of our town servants. Go to full security and if people bitch tell them to thank Dennis.

Anonymous said...

Was he given authorization to photograph the participants? If not, he may be guilty of crime. Can't wait to see the next episode of this story.