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Friday, December 13, 2013

BP's SDEIS admits that their Cape Vincent Wind Farm will Preclude community growth

Before BP decided to pursue their Cape Vincent wind project through the Article ten process they submitted a
Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (SDEIS ) for the proposed project  in it they offered an unusual rational as to why their Industrial Wind project would be good for our community.


page 117 
Permanent Impacts
Jefferson County is currently experiencing substantial growth in human population and housing developments, as evidenced by population and housing growth estimates in Fort Drum, where the number of soldiers, spouses, and other personnel moving to the Fort Drum area is projected to increase by nearly18,000 people between 2004 and 2013.
To accommodate this population growth, the Department of Defense estimated in 2005 that an additional 2,000 homes would need to be built off of the Fort Drum base over the coming years.

Due to these and other development pressures, in the event that the Project is not constructed, the current population and development growth trends will probably result in the loss of current and traditional land uses for the area. This would result in fewer undeveloped open spaces and lower human density conditions. The Project, once constructed, will likely preclude additional housing developments and will result in less fragmented conditions when compared to future scenarios without the development of the Project


BP is affirming that if developed their project will discourage families from building homes in Cape Vincent ,  
discouraging outside seasonal residents from moving into Cape Vincent may have been the major thrust for the Dems /CFG and locals that ran a campaign to "take back their town".
Not only would BP's wind farm provide an economic boon to the locals ,but the underlying motivation in their
 "Us versus Them" war was to protect their town from the seasonal interlopers that do not support Industrial Wind Development. 

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Anonymous said...

How could any project be more in direct conflict with our Comprehensive Plan, than this when you consider the vision satement of the Plan. The stated goal of promoting residential and small businees growth is 180 degrees from the stated impact of BP's project.