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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Free ride: State gas, tolls, cars

New report finds prison officials ignored Paterson 2009 directive
 The report also found instances in which prison officials used state cars to pick up their children after school. One took his vehicle to a boat museum and to the Clayton Town Hall, where he held a second position as supervisor.
A 2009 crackdown on the use of state vehicles, gas and E-ZPass transponders for personal use was all but ignored by top prison officials, according to a report released Friday by state Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott. [Times Union.com]

State IG: Justin Taylor and other jail superintendents drove state vehicles for personal use

CLAYTON — Retired Gouverneur Correctional Facility Superintendent Justin A. Taylor used a state vehicle to commute to work from Clayton and to attend local meetings while he served in the position, according to a recent report by the state Inspector General’s Office.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. Anyone we know? I believe so.

Anonymous said...

This is all the fault of the blogs.

Anonymous said...

From the J. Lee report, it was Taylor's conduct that started the investigation. Did Taylor claim it as a benefit on his IRS. The free use of the car is one hell of a big benefit at 83 plus miles a day.

This is a state wide story.
What extras does he get from Clayton? Did he get any perks from Iberdrola?