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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

BP sells 150MW scheme to Pattern

Pattern Energy Group has agreed to buy the 150MW Fowler Ridge 4 wind project in Indiana from BP Wind Energy North America.
BP has applied to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for approval. The UK-based company asked for a decision by 14 February to accommodate closing of the transaction as soon as possible thereafter. Continue...

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Anonymous said...

There is a great deal of wind development in northwestern Indiana. BP’s Wind Energy website has long listed three up and running wind projects there among its 16 operating wind farms in the United States. Those wind farms in Indiana are named Fowler Ridge I, Fowler Ridge II, and Fowler Ridge III.

But apparently there has also been a BP "development stage" wind project lurking within that Fowler Ridge wind complex that has escaped my notice (at least) as one of BP’s development stage projects. I have been able to account for only four such projects --- one each in Arizona, Kansas, Ohio -- and Cape Vincent. It appears there is a fifth such project in Indiana -- Fowler Ridge IV.

A little quick research indicates that work on Fowler Ridge IV has been going on for several years. That would seem to make this project qualify for the PTC -- with much actual work having been done already. That distinguishes this project significantly from BP’s other four development stage projects, that are all still in relatively early stages of the permitting process. That PTC eligibility would make Fowler Ridge IV much easier to sell to a prospective buyer. It appears they have found such a buyer with Pattern.

But even though BP has found a buyer for this project there remains a permitting wrinkle that has yet to be overcome. The US and Fish and Wildlife Service posted a notice in the Federal Register a few days ago that BP had applied for a permit to allow the "taking" (killing) of the endangered Indiana Bat at Fowler Ridge. That may be a problem that has delayed Fowler Ridge IV.