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Friday, January 24, 2014

"Cape Vincent nicer than portrayed in letter"

Do nice people attempt to stop their neighbors from voting?

Cape Vincent nicer than portrayed in letter

Watertown Daily Times
Elisabeth Brennan

This letter is a response to a recent letter that the Times published and titled “Cape Vincent no longer nice friendly town.”
While I felt the author made some valid points, many of which I agreed with, I would like to take exception to some of his remarks and to the headline the Watertown Daily Times chose to use for this letter. My first objection deals with the author equating the politics of Cape Vincent to that of the south in the 1960s. Continue,,,

Cape Vincent no longer nice, friendly town

 Watertown Daily Times
Harry Landers 

Abraham Lincoln said, “... and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.” We all were taught it meant all people.

Why would Paul Aubertine, Dennis Pearson and Alan Wood try to exclude a group of people? What about their civil rights? Remember the quote, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Continue..


Anonymous said...

The Cape is a great place to live, raise a family and retire in. What ever idiot wrote otherwise is still an idiot. Just let it die, in six months BP will. be done as we know it and the fighting can then stop and these blogs disappear. Just let it die a slow death. Good bye.

Anonymous said...

Landers closing observation is that Cape Vincent has changed and is not the nice friendly town he knew 14 years ago. Brennan is making the case it is still a nice, friendly town.

Landers may be guilty of over-the-top hyperbole, but he is right in recognizing that the town has changed and not for the better. Brennan is also right that there is much to still like about the Cape. She cannot, however, fault Lander's contention that the friendly character of the community has changed, especially between locals and seasonal residents. You can thank Democrats for much of that because they chose to deny seasonal residents the right to vote.

Yes the headline is true, nice people don't stop their neighbors from voting.

Anonymous said...

Let Brennan address the issue of the war against the seasonal residents and the damage it has done to us. Let Brennan address the red signs of hatred that were in front of the anti seasonal pro wind people homes. Including in front of the librarian's home right next to her house. If she wanted to do something about it, she should have gone next door and objected to her librarian neighbor. Not to be ignored or patronized. Yes, let Brennan publicly apologize for the behavior of the Democratic party leaders….not make excuses for them. This is about denying peoples rights and it is a real situation.

Anonymous said...

You know 5:31 AM You 're hung up with Mrs Brennan remarks . After 14 years the Cape is still a great place to live, but with time things change. Did she deny anybody the right to vote, No No No. She a democrat for sure, but not one pf those who name is published that denied anybody from voting. You obviously don't know her very well. She's my neighbor and she speaks how she feels about things. She is also well liked by the people that voted for her and she does a good job in office. Why don't you go to her house and speak to her, not write negative comments about her. You're no better than the wind people for turbines to criticize her. You people have to get over this hatred and start solving some of these problems. Her neighbor next door is also a very nice lady that runs the library. Go there someday and meet her. Confront your hatred and get over it. Start posting some positive comments for a change. Good bye.

Anonymous said...

You get over it 3:54. We did not start the hatred. Anybody who puts a sign in front of their house that is part of the cfg movement that has as a mission to challenge the voting rights of others is not nice. There is no defense for that and you have to live with it. Hello ?

Anonymous said...

Not a nice place. She is willing to overlook and deny what her own party and "friends" have done to break our spirits. No problem accepting donations but she has never spoken out against the bigotry. And her neighbor has taken a stand in flavor of the bigotry with that sign the democrats think was cute.

Anonymous said...

Get over it guys, life is too short.

Anonymous said...


No one in a democracy should ever get over organized efforts to deny others of their rights to vote on an equal par. That all men are created equal is the the very reason why a democracy has to be fought for.

To say get over it, life is too short is exactly what the pro wind bigots want you to do.

She did miss the point in her rebuttal to Mr. Landers and at no time as a public servant has she spoken against the deplorable actions that the Democrats have brought on our community.

Anonymous said...

"Did she deny anybody the right to vote,"

What she failed to do as a self declared leader in the community was to speak out against those who declared war on the seasonal citizens who pay full time taxes and support the community including her efforts. This is not a new problem. The political leadership of the democrats and cfg have been working on this for years and it was a major effort of HER PARTY! SHE HAS IGNORED the attack on us and Mr. Landers did speak out against it. That is what has made the Cape unfriendly. HER PARTY'S EFFORTS AND SHE SAT BY AND LET IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It was not just Liz's party. The Democrats worked with the CFG, Voters for Wind and used the conservative party in a joint effort to harass those voters. That was a big part of those horrible red signs. As a party leader Brennan should have opposed those signs. She is political and they were a long planned political effort. There was nothing friendly about the dem political campaign and it was very much like the same tactics used in the south. They led a hate campaign against the seasonal voter and they were even called drive by voters on the dem f-book.