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Friday, January 17, 2014

Cape Vincent plans to waive overdue charges to resident for DANC waterline

CAPE VINCENT — Resident Donald R. Votra has refused to pay a monthly charge on his tax bill of $106.85 for the past 19 months, assessed by the town because his house that is equipped with an underground well could instead be connected to a waterline operated by the Development Authority of the North Country.
1/17/14 4:37 PM
The following post was originally posted April 24, 2012 it was pieced together from information obtained through a FOIL request and the Jefferson County Tax database.

According to the water district agreement for Water District #2, there are five users.

Town of Cape Vincent Tax ID 49.00-1-43
Donny Mason Parcel Tax ID # 40.00-1-43
Darrel Aubertine Tax ID # 50.00-1-16
Donald Votra Tax ID #49.00 -1-9

Wesley Bourcy Tax ID #49.00-1-11.3
 This parcel was added in 1999

Donald Votra is a member of the water district but chose not to be hooked up.

The DANC Regional water line runs through and/ or parallel to these parcels allowing them to directly hook into the DANC line. (See map below)

These users or owners are billed for their water on a monthly basis accordingly, Donny Mason gets a water bill, Wesley Bourcy gets a water bill, however, Darrel Aubertine does not get a water bill.
The water bill for Darrel’s land is addressed to Terry Aubertine’s Hell Street address.

Additionally, the bill is not for parcel # 50.00-1-16, the vacant lot in water district #2, owned by Darrel Aubertine .
The actual service location is listed as 3244 Hell Street ; this is the farm that once belonged to Paul Aubertine, Darrel Aubertine’s father. The Tax maps show that it now belongs to Darrel Aubertine. The parcel number(40.00-1-17) listed in the water service contract was not a Typo; this water service location is completely outside of the Boundaries of District #2.

 land information  from Jefferson County  tax database

SWIS: 222889 Tax ID: 40.00-1-17
Darrel J Aubertine 32554 Hell St
Cape Vincent NY 13618
Margaret S Aubertine 32554 Hell St
Cape Vincent NY 13618
Water Supply: None ***
The dark Black line on the map below is the DANC Regional water line & the green star is the property out side the district that is billed as a service location in the district.

Below are documents pertaining to Water District #2

Cape Vincent,Water District 2  
Original Rules ~ and Regulations

Cape Vincent,Water District 2
 Rules  and Regulations as amended  3 -11-1999

Cape Vincent Water District 2 

Rules and Regs. as Amended  12 -9-1999