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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Is Aubertine Electable?

Rep. William L. Owens’s announcement Tuesday that he will not seek re-election has left previously declared and potential candidates trying to figure out what it means in the race for New York’s 21st Congressional District. 
Darrel J. Aubertine, former commissioner of the state Department of Agriculture and Markets, said Mr. Owens has done a great job for the region.
I wouldn’t discount the opportunity to serve given the opportunity to serve,” he said. [1] 

Can Aubertine withstand the scrutiny of a probe into his political history?

In 2006,as an assemblyman, Aubertine wrote a letter to the Cape Vincent Town Board urging conflicted wind lease holding board members to vote on wind turbine setbacks.[2]

The critical issue for Darrel Aubertine and his neighbors was that bigger setbacks would mean fewer wind turbines resulting in lost revenue for him as well as his crony’s[3]

After being elected to the State senate in 2008, one of Aubertine’s first actions was to hire his sister. A clear violation of  the ethics reform bill he sponsored and voted for. It wasn't until months later during a campaign debate that Aubertine admitted that he had broken the law.[4]

As a Senator (wind leaseholder) Aubertine voted on legislation that eliminated a tax penalty for farmers that host wind turbines on their land.[5]

In February of 2013, the Editorial Board of the Syracuse Post standard raised issues concerning contracts and mismanagement at the NYS Fair ,Suggesting that Gov. Cuomo clean house by starting at the top with Commissioner of Agriculture & Markets Darrel Aubertine on whose watch the scandal happened. [6]

Aubertine's resignation as Commissioner of Agriculture & Markets was first suggested this past September, by Fred Dicker in a report in the NY Post concerning investigations of members of Gov. Cuomo’s administration. [7]

Will voters consider his political past?  

[6]  Another scandal at the state fair begs the question: Who will clean it up?



Anonymous said...

If Mr. Aubertine wants to run for that position, what's to stop him. He's qualified to run. You may not like him or what he has done in the community, but he's qualified.

Anonymous said...

He got thrown out the last time because of his performance. It got worse after he lost the election. Without doubt, Cape Vincent, his home town, will take the lead in opposing him for what he had done to the majority of his home town residents.

Anonymous said...

Aubertine is up to his ears in a local movement that believes some legal voters do not have a right to vote. We don't need that kind of bigotry in Congress.

Anonymous said...

You obviously don't understand. Mr Aubertine would be a candidate regardless who runs. He may be a bigot, but he has many friends in politics and he could win despite what everyone thinks. Good bye.