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Friday, February 7, 2014

Ag & Markets audit gives agency a black eye

 The audit painted a very uncomplimentary picture of a department that is of real significance to the north country and the rest of the state.

This week, we looked at a state comptroller’s audit of the state Department of Agriculture and Markets that had some sharp criticisms of the department’s food inspection programs and peeled back some layers that show that sometimes, you can cut staff too far in an attempt to show taxpayers how lean and mean you can get. Continue...


Anonymous said...

Darrell Aubertine gave A & G the black eye.

This and his ethics problems should be enough for our party to not take a chance on him.

As for the WDT how can they write an article without giving him a mention?

Anonymous said...

This will be interesting if Darrell decides to enter. He may be able to shut down opinion and opposition by jerking around the WDT but can he do it with every news outlet in the entire Congressional district? The Republicans should make an advertisement out of his ethics letter to the town board of Cape Vincent wind lease holding members. Industrial wind is a scam, a political looser and now is the time for Elise to make Darrell's ethics an issue.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe Darrell would want to expose himself to such scrutiny, by seeking public ofice again. He should realize his only future is with appointments within the Cuomo bureaucracy. He should milk this cow for all its worth.