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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Headline, article gave incorrect perceptions

When I saw the Watetown Daily Times on Feb. 4, and the online version, I couldn’t believe it. Urban Hirschey’s picture was on the front page along with a story about proposed solar panels on his property — in the top half no less, what an honor.
Wow, overnight there must not have been any floods, protests, wars, earthquakes, election recalls, political demonstrations or any other happening to deserve front page coverage. Continue...


Anonymous said...

I understand now, that Urban isn't putting up solar panels on his propriety on Tibbetts point. Wow what a relief, and I though he was in the mix of evil doings with the local boards. I stand corrected, congratulations. Good bye.

Anonymous said...

It appears ,based on his comment in the WDT,that Mr. Hirschey will wait until the zoning law has been revised to install his solar project. Kudos to him.

Hard to understand why the ZBA would give him a variance and special use permit, if he's willing to wait for the new regs. to take effect.