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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Industrial Wind ~ When The Party’s Over

January 30, 2014 ~ Stop these things

Built on a fat pile of subsidies filched from unwitting taxpayers and power consumers – and forced on customers by Stalinist edicts so outrageous that they would’ve surprised George Orwell with their reach and audacity – wind power is all set to get the boot in Europe.
But the fan scamming leeches that have grown fat on the – seemingly endless – pile of cash purloined from power punters aren’t happy about it. Continue...


Anonymous said...

Everyone who has ever read any post by Pandora or JLL needs to read this article in its entirety (its not too long). Beautifully written, full of wonderful metaphors, it is testimony to why wind is dead - the whole damn world is filled with people who have had enough wind and are willing to write-on endlessly about the damn fan scammers. Read it and enjoy.

Stay Focused said...

This is a great article.

It is the same everywhere with wind development -- Australia, Canada, China (well China is a little less subtle in how they do things), Latin America, India, Japan, and the US. Wind developers, turbine makers and the government bureaucrats and investment banks that sustain them, have all perverted the traditional use of the word "investment."

Investment used to mean using money to make money on something that is profitable. With Big Wind it means getting government to impose surcharges on power bills and tax burdens on the people to induce spending by developers and manufacturers, who will get better terms from the investment bankers, because the bankers know the business does not need to make a "real" profit. The surcharges and tax credits can turn a loser into a winner -- a phony and rigged "investment" but a money maker nonetheless for those who know how to be part of the game.

But as this article points, these kinds of antics can only go for so long, before facts catch up with it.