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Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Two Faces of Fracking Politics

New York State is in a tug of war over fracking. The pro frackers claim it is safe and that New York is missing out on the economic benefits.

The opposition, among other things is concerned about the health and safety impacts of fracking, including the disposal of the waste water or brine that flows out of the wells following the fracking process.

In support of his stance that science and not politics will dictate the future of fracking in NYS, Governor Cuomo  charged the DEC with the task of evaluating the health and safety impacts of hydro fracking and its waste water by-products.

The DEC is recommending in their preliminary revised DSGEIS that fracking waste water (brine) be treated as if it were medical waste, which requires strict guidelines for disposal. 
The fact that the DEC is making this recommendation indicates a concern about the fracking brine being toxic or hazardous. 

Now, the big question is should Governor Cuomo , who is presumably concerned about the health and safety of all New Yorkers, continue to allow the spreading of hydrofracking brine on NY roads as a de-icing agent?

Ironically,at the same time that the DEC is evaluating the health and safety impacts of Hydro fracking they have approved 30 Beneficial Use Determinations (BUD's) allowing the spreading of fracking brine on roads in 26 municipalities in six NY counties.

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Anonymous said...

There are similarities in the two-faced Cuomo administration's handling of wind as well as fracking policy. On the one hand you have Andy wanting to keep Broadway and Times Square lit 24-7 without contributing to global warming and on the other hand Andy is suppose to protect the health and safety of the State's citizenry. The Cuomo administration has turned a blind eye to safety and only jabbers about our energy future and satisfying downstate demand. You wonder how government gets away with inconsistent, counter-productive policies. Nevertheless, how the hell can you spend so much time examining what to do with fracking waste while at the same time you are permitting, maybe even encouraging, it to be dumped on our roads? Crazy.