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Saturday, February 1, 2014

To harm, harass and kill

From the Wellington Ontario Times~ Via National Wind Watch
By the time Heather Gibbs and Robert Wright concluded that the risk, posed by a proposed industrial wind project at Ostrander Point upon the Blanding’s turtle, was simply too great, and the damage likely permanent, the Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT or Tribunal) panel had heard more than 40 days of testimony. More than 188 exhibits had been entered into evidence. Their decision ran 140 pages.
That decision, to revoke the Renewable Energy Approval (REA) granted to Gilead Power by the Ministry of Environment (MOE), rocked the wind energy sector in this country. It sent government bureaucrats scurrying for cover.
If the fate of a turtle could block the development of an industrial wind project—the precedent could be a formidable roadblock to similar projects across the province and Canada. There are other turtles and endangered species that deserve the protection this panel afforded the Blanding’s turtle of Ostrander Point. The implications are profound. Continue...

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Anonymous said...

I was floored reading the following from the Ministry of Environment's attorney Davis. The Ministry was saying to hell with protecting endangered species, bring on the pinwheels:

"One exchange was particularly illustrative. Sylvia Davis spent much of her energies arguing that the Tribunal looked at the fate of the endangered species too narrowly—that nine turbines at Ostrander Point couldn’t determine the outcome of a species—even an endangered species such as the Blanding’s turtle or the golden-winged warbler.

Then, with an odd bit of logistical acrobatics, Davis said: “The Tribunal had heard no evidence to show the developer’s mitigation efforts would be ineffective.”

In effect Davis, representing the Ministry of Environment, argued that the Tribunal ought to have taken as fact that the developer’s measures to protect the Blanding’s turtle would be effective—unless it heard evidence to the contrary."

Holy Crap. Protecting the environment and its critters is no longer in the hands of government, but rests with concerned citizens. What a sorry testimony to modern times.