BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Land leases tied to the Cape Vincent Wind project will be terminated effective March 31,2014

 Today is a day to celebrate!

February 26,2014-BP announced that they were pulling the plug on their proposed Cape Vincent wind project. 

Land leases tied to the project will be terminated effective March 31, and meteorological towers will be taken down “as soon as reasonably possible” this spring, according to letters BP sent to wind leaseholders.  Continue...

Pearson Can't Handle the Truth

 Today there is an opinion letter in the Watertown Times written by Dennis Pearson~ Town Board must make right decision

 In his very first sentence Mr. Pearson once again demonstrates his ability to distort the truth. 

 "I would like the citizens of Cape Vincent to consider this. We recently went through the election process, and in this process the Democrats and CFG were accused of trying to take the voting rights of summer residents away."

Using the wording that "the Democrats and CFG were accused of trying to take the voting rights of summer residents away." suggests innocence on the part of Mr. Pearson and his cohorts, but in reality they did attempt to deny citizens the right to vote.  

 This past election season in Cape Vincent Mr. Pearson and the Democrats engaged in a smear campaign in order to improve their chances at the polls.  When the Democrats discovered the election would be decided by absentee votes, they filed a lawsuit to have many of these votes discarded.

The Democratic candidates Paul Aubertine, Dennis Pearson and Al Wood challenged a large number of absentee ballots based on residency issues. 
They believe that seasonal residents of Cape Vincent should not be allowed to vote. They charged in their verified petition that:

    (paragraph 9) “Upon information and belief, absentee ballots were issued by the Board of Elections in error, based on insufficient, fraudulent or forged applications.”

(paragraph 10) “Upon information and belief, absentee ballots were given to individuals whose primary residence is not in the town of Cape Vincent, nor in Jefferson County, and therefore were ineligible to vote for the public offices of Supervisor and Town Council, Town of Cape Vincent.”

Below is the list of seasonal voters challenged by Aubertine, Pearson and Wood that was provided by the Jefferson County Board of Elections through a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request:

Attempts at denying seasonal residents their rights to vote is nothing new in Cape Vincent, prior to the 2011, election  
Harold L. Wiley, a lifelong Cape Vincent resident, and chairman of the local Democratic Party submitted  a  petition to the Town Board urging intervention in stopping what he called voter fraud.
Link here to read more
Link to original list 

Link here to read original verified complaint filed by Aubertine, Pearson & Wood
Page 10 for paragraphs (9) & (10)

Cape Vincent Attractions missing from new website. Is this an oversite ?

1000 Islands council launches website for French visitors

The website aims to introduce French-speaking residents from Quebec to the Thousand Islands region across the north country and southeastern Ontario.
The website aims to introduce French-speaking residents from Quebec to the Thousand Islands region across the north country and southeastern Ontario. 

This website is very well done however, I was surprised to note that the only mention of Cape Vincent was a link to the visit the 1000 Islands web site giving a list of places to stay.There was no other reference to Cape Vincent, there was no mention of Tibbetts Point lighthouse as an attraction and notably no mention of Cape Vincent's French Fest. 

Visit new website at this link


Who is Pulling Dennis Pearson's Strings?

Recently, in an opinion letter to the Watertown Daily Times Dennis Pearson made a plea requesting the Town of Cape Vincent Town Council appoint Al Wood to the board.
In the past Mr. Pearson has launched several vocal attempts to discredit the Town of Cape Vincent Town Board.
One such case occurred December 09,2013 the Department of Public Service Commission sponsored a public meeting in Cape Vincent concerning the Article 10 process. Prior to this meeting the Town Board ,their attorney,members of the Article-10 Advisory Committee, and a member of Wind Power Ethics Group gathered at the town offices for an executive session.
Dennis Pearson burst into this meeting accusing town officials of holding a private meeting with a quorum.

December 11,2013 Pearson submitted a FOIL request to the Town of Cape Vincent Town Clerk for a copy of the security video for the time of the Dec. 9 meeting, as well as minutes and records concerning the meeting.

Mr. Pearson’s request was denied because the material he requested was deemed attorney client privilege.
In the meantime, Town Attorney Paul Curtin, who presided over themeeting, submitted a letter clarifying the purpose of the meetingthat was presented to the public by the Town Council December 19, 2013.

Apparently, Mr. Pearson or his cohorts were not satisfied with this clarification, the very next day ~ December 20,2013 Pearson sent an appeal to the Town of Cape Vincent Town Clerk in response to the denial.

But who wrote the appeal? Were others involved?

I FOILED Mr. Pearson’s FOIL request and found something very curious about his appeal, it was submitted in the form of a reprint of an email with Dennis Pearson’s name scribbled at the bottom.

Note the name in bold on the upper right hand corner, also note the names of the recipients of this appeal letter.
What does this mean?
Is Dennis Pearson their front-man?
Are these email recipients (Jarrod Radley, Al Wood, Paul Aubertine and Karen Stumpf) Pearson’s editors and co-conspirators?
  Are these same people behind Pearson's plea requesting the Town Board to do the right thing and appoint Al Wood to the board?

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Critical analysis of: Wind turbine health impact study: report of independent expert panel

 independent expert panel  

Abstract. The “Wind Turbine Health Impact Study: Report of Independent Expert Panel” study says: “The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) in collaboration with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) convened a panel of independent experts to identify any documented or potential health impacts of risks that may be associated with exposure to wind turbines, and, specifically, to facilitate discussion of wind turbines and public health based on scientific findings.” It continues, saying: “The scope of the Panel’s effort was focused on health impacts of wind turbines per se.” The Massachusetts study treats health affects broadly in accordance with WHO and includes direct health effects, annoyance, and sleep disruption. In many ways the Massachusetts study is a critique of the literature relating to wind farm acoustic emissions and health effects. This paper is a critique of the critics. In particular, this critique examines some of the physical acoustic findings and some of the social survey findings. The Massachusetts study reveals itself to have problems similar to those that it criticizes in other reports.
Presented at the 166th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America San Francisco, California, 2–6 December 2013
Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics 20, 040008 (2014) Published online 26 March 2014
Download original document: “A critical analysis of: Wind turbine health impact study: report of independent expert panel”

Waterfront towns, villages hope to market Thousand Islands region

CLAYTON — Members of 10 communities from the Thousand Islands region met Friday to learn about the progress toward putting the region on the map large scale for tourism.

The Thousand Islands regional assessment project advisory committee meeting was held Friday with more than 50 members of the communities involved in the project to expand tourism. Town of Hammond Supervisor Ronald W. Bertram said a Scenic Area of Statewide Significance grant would help the area become a more viable tourism destination. Continue...

Friday, March 21, 2014

BP Getting Back in the Gulf

Just two weeks after the US government lifted a 16-month ban on new federal contracts for BP Plc, the company placed the winning bid on Wednesday for 24 contracts of exploration and production leases in the Gulf of Mexico.Continue...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Woman denies stealing copper from Florida wind farm

PITTSFIELD -- One of nine people allegedly involved in the theft of copper wire from an area wind farm denied 10 charges and was released on personal recognizance.

The Massachusetts State Police allege Gina M. Arnold, 32, of Lee, was involved in the large-scale theft of specially designed copper wire from the Hoosac Wind Project atop Bakke Mountain in Florida and sold the copper in October and November to local scrap metal dealers. Continue...

Monday, March 17, 2014

Save The River: Respect the Conditions on the River, Delay the Seaway Opening

Respect the conditions on the River, delay the Seaway opening. Save The River has long advocated a research-based list of criteria be used to set the shipping season on the St. Lawrence Seaway. But it really is simple. Get the ice out and the navigational aids in. Don’t send ships through until its safe for the River. http://ow.ly/uGjTg

Wind Power Line Proposal Irks Some Midwest Farmers

The windy plains of Kansas could be a treasure trove in the nation's effort to harness clean energy, but a major proposal to move wind-generated electricity eastward is running into a roadblock: Farmers who don't want high-power transmission lines on their land.
Clean Line Energy Partners wants to spend $2.2 billion to build a 750-mile-long high-voltage overhead transmission line. Towers 110 to 150 feet tall, 4-6 per mile, would carry lines with power generated by Kansas' modernistic windmill turbines through sparsely populated northern Missouri, through the cornfields of Illinois and to a substation in Sullivan, Ind. The exact route has not been finalized.Continue...

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Years after they were proposed, R.I., Mass. wind farm projects yet to start spinning

In 2009, The Providence Journal wrote about the race to build the first offshore wind farm in the United States, with projects off Block Island and Cape Cod at the front of the pack. Five years later, the race continues.

On a recent morning in Boston, Jim Gordon described what it has been like to suffer setback after setback in his quest to build the first offshore wind farm in America. Continue...

Group pushes for New York State’s help in building wind turbines

With the state planning to pump $1 billion over the next decade into solar projects, a group of local businesses and environmentalists are wondering: What about wind energy?
With the strong winds blowing across Lakes Erie and Ontario making a large swath of Western New York appealing for wind turbines, advocates said it makes sense for the state to support the development of wind energy as a prime source of renewable energy in the state.Continue...

Friday, March 14, 2014

Cape Vincent nets $50,000 state grant for East End Park facility


CAPE VINCENT— East End Park, situated on the St. Lawrence River in the town, is expected soon to get a locker room facility and open picnic pavilion, made possible in part by a $50,000 grant awarded this month by the state Department of the State.

The $50,000 grant from the State and Municipal Facilities Program was an important piece of funding needed to break ground on the $200,000 project at the public park, a popular venue for scuba divers and swimmers. The project will include a 26-by-70-foot facility with restroom and locker room areas for men and women, Town Supervisor Urban C. Hirschey said. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

As companies pursue energy sources, communities raise concerns

 An improved power transmission system would encourage more power generation in Upstate New York. That's what power line developers proposing projects in the Mohawk Valley have touted as a benefit and potential job creator.  

 Iberdrola Renewables — the owner of the Hardscrabble Wind Farm in Fairfield and Norway — has several projects in various stages of development, spokesman Paul Copleman said. He did not go into specifics.

 “From Iberdrola Renewables’ perspective, additional bulk transmission could make our upstate, early stage development wind projects more likely to come to market by making their power even more competitive,” Copleman said in an email.

 The company, however, is in the throes of a lawsuit with dozens of Herkimer County residents over concerns about the Hardscrabble Wind Farm.

 Copleman said they recognize the concerns and are willing to work with the community.
 “Any project we pursue would entail a thorough, transparent and inclusive approach to the permitting process,” he said Continue....

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Farmers object to wind turbines, survey says

The debate over wind turbines in Western Ontario is generating some lively opinions among farmers with a clear majority strongly opposed, a Farmers Forum survey suggests. A random survey of 50 farmers at the London Farm Show on March 5, found that 58 % disapproved of wind turbines. Continue...

Acciona Suing the City of Westbranch

Acciona Windpower suing for breaching of 2008 tax increment development agreement

West Branch City Administrator Matt Muckler, in his April 16, 2013, letter to Acciona, contended the company failed to maintain 110 full-time jobs and continue payment of a median wage for 95 employees. Acciona was ordered to bring its workforce up to 110 employees by May 17, 2013, or the agreement would be cancelled. On May 20, 2013, the City of West Branch passed a resolution cancelling the agreement.

Acciona Windpower North America is suing  the City of West Branch for breaching a tax increment development agreement requiring the payment of annual tax rebates to the wind turbine manufacturer.
The lawsuit, filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Cedar Rapids, claims West Branch City Administrator Matt Muckler notified Acciona CEO Joe Baker on April 16 that the city planned to cancel the Jan. 3, 2008, agreement for noncompliance. Continue...

Committee to examine Obama Administration’s approach for enforcing wildlife laws and impacts on U.S. Energy; Subpoena issued for long-sought documents

“There are serious concerns that the Obama Administration is implementing these laws in an arbitrary fashion based on an undefined definition of ‘cooperation’ from affected parties. The Administration has repeatedly chosen to only prosecute select violations of these strict liability acts and our goal is to gain a better understanding of how and why these enforcement decisions are made and what defines ‘cooperation’ to the Administration."

U.S. House Committee on Natural Resources - March 11, 2014 
 WASHINGTON, D.C. - The House Committee on Natural Resources will hold a Full Committee oversight hearing on Wednesday, March 26th entitled, “Collision Course: Oversight of the Obama Administration’s Enforcement Approach for America’s Wildlife Laws and Its Impact on Domestic Energy.” The hearing will examine the Obama Administration’s approach for enforcing wildlife laws, including the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act as it relates to U.S. energy producers, and the Administration’s failure to fully respond to repeated requests from the Committee for documents. Continue...

All Or Nothing At All

To the dismay of the CVWF wind lease holders BP has bailed on their Cape Vincent wind farm project.

Over the years many things stalled the two wind projects slated for Cape Vincent, but early in the development process we came very close to having our community turned into an industrial wind wasteland. 
June 15, 2006 a public hearing was scheduled for a proposed wind turbine project boundary that would begin 1,000 feet from the established river district boundary.  This would have put the first wind turbine no closer than 2,600 feet from the river side of Route 12E.

However by the time the hearing rolled around two councilmen had changed their minds about the setbacks causing a deadlock. Supervisor Thomas K. Rienbeck and Councilman Mickey W.Orvis proposed a revised boundary that would site turbines as close as 1600 feet from the center line of route12 E.

Had these two councilmen made a small compromise and stuck with the agreed upon setbacks in all likely hood we would have a very different landscape in Cape Vincent.

                 Wind power setback nixed 

Cape zoning plan: amendment changed to resolve deadlock 
By Jude Seymour
Times staff writer June 16,2006

Cape Vincent – two members of the town Council have reversed their positions on setback requirements of commercial wind towers, causing a deadlock that was resolved Thursday only by stripping any such regulations from up close zoning law amendment.

Two Councilman recusing themselves over apparent conflicts of interest, the three members remaining agreed May 11 two set a project boundary that would begin 1000 feet from the already established River district boundary. Proposed law therefore, restricted the first turbine from being placed any closer than 2600 feet from the center line over 12 the. But supervisor Thomas K Reinbeck and Councilman Mickey W. Orvis offered a revised boundary Thursday that showed turbines as close as 1600 feet from the center line over route 12E Continue...

Monday, March 10, 2014

Breaking News From The Watertown Daily Times!!!

Producers gearing up for maple syrup season.
 Maple syrup producers are gearing up for what they hope will be a sweet season.Continue...

Should we allow wind turbines to kill birds?

Regarding Ted Booker’s article in the Watertown Daily Times on Feb. 23, “Letter from wildlife groups says federal eagle permit rule gives wind developers ‘license to kill,’” referencing a letter to the Department of the Interior from Save the River, Thousand Islands Land Trust and Algonquin to Adirondack Collaborative:
Working on the St. Lawrence River as a private contractor for the past 29 years, and living six miles inland, married to a woman whose family has roots in the 1000 Islands since the 1910s, the possibility of 500-foot towers, ostensibly to capture a renewable energy source in the 1000 Island region, had direct consequence for my livelihood, my solitude and my wife’s family’s way of life. Continue...

Sunday, March 9, 2014

October 2009 ~ An Argument To Debase The Most Beautiful Region Of NY State

by Kevin Forkey

A. First of all I would like to say hello to everyone and personally thank the Town Board for giving me a moment to speak my mind today. All I ask is that all of you forgive me if my public speaking skills are a little rusty, its been a spell since I've addressed a group of your importance. For all of you wondering who I am and why I am up here speaking before you today, a little of my background may be in order …

B. My name is Kevin Forkey. I have live, in this area for nearly my entire life. I successfully ran the Old F ink Farm (later named Mark Haven Farms in honor of my deceased brother ) for over 20 years and my father ran it for over 20 years before tha A funny thing about my circumstance when we moved here long ago was that my father had narrowed his choice of which property to purchase down to 2: The Frink Farm outside Depauville and the Zenda Farm outside of Clayton. The decision rested upon my mother feeling that the Frink Farm was the best choice because the Zenda was too close to the water (she felt all of her children who hadn't learned to swim would drown) and my father feeling that the Zenda Farm was a better choice because the type of soil would be more productive for farming ....Well I guess you can see who won but either way my parents long ago moved their family across this country and sought out a residence in this beautiful town, and we have been here every since.

  1. After spending nearly 40 years of my life working the land on my family farm as productively and in a manner as sustainable to the environment as our technology would allow there came a time when farming just didn't pay the bills anymore. I'm sure anyone here today that has farmed or knows someone in agriculture knows what I'm talking about. I was faced with the decision of what to do with the rest of my time here, I did a Iittl,e math and decided there was more money in selling 4 tires than there was in milking 4 teats. The end result:Forkey Auto Sales, it's all still family but minus the cows …

  2. D. Our transition into this new endeavor has been successful but I was still faced with the decision of what to do with all of this fallow farmland? My son Derek, 'who holds two degrees from St. Lawrence University in Biology and Environmental Science and I have always had great conversations on Global Warming, Deforestation, Pollution, and in general mankind's overall negative impact on the environment. Rather than just talk though we took action! The result was that we have planted over 80,000 trees of native species on my land as a way to help el~inate our carbon footprint on this earth and to return this fallow land back to nature. This was a labor of love performed mostly by
    Derek, and paid for by myself at a cost of over a quarter million dollars after the DEC cost sharing. These are actions not just words here....This money I spent would be a legacy for both our community and for our future generations as I certainly will never live to see any monetary benefit from any of this. I am merely someone who cares about this environment of ours in both words and actions.

  3. II. BODY
    A. Now that you all know who I am and what I stand for I hope I haven't lost your attention because that brings us up to this current matter at hand: The Horse Creek Wind Farm. My goal here today is to assume a leadership role in promoting a cause very near and dear to my heart: our environment and to bring into question how something determined to be so beneficial by the rest of the world could generate such opposition within our own community. To do this I must also convince you that my own concern is genuine and that this isn't all about the money.

  4.  This is quite a substantial challenge given the fact that I'm a major land owner and if the project does go forward my financial benefit would be significant. To prove that my support for this project has no monetary basis whatsoever, and to show that my support is driven only by my desire to better this world we all must live, I am prepared to donate all of the proceeds that I may gain from any wind power generated on my land directly to the Town of Clayton, to do with as they see fit. My only stipulation would be that a percentage of the funds that I deem appropriate be allocated to the Thousand Islands Central School System. I feel that this should help to ease any fears some of you may have that these tax dollars generated from this wind project will not reach the Town, and especially its school. I ask you all to keep in mind that this would be a substantial sum of money over the next twenty years, as the project is currently proposed; somewhere in excess of one million dollars. I only seek to prove to you that I am a man of words, and action, and I have no problem standing behind an idea I hold dear to my heart. My donation will be completely transparent for those of you who think I may just be making this proposal with any intentions of turning back further on down the road once the project is completed.  Now that I have gotten your attention I want to say that this path we are heading down with these new zoning laws is unacceptable, and should be unacceptable to anyone of you that truly feels that they are a responsible steward of their land. Any great decision in life has some risk associated with it, this is something none of us can argue. To dismiss any project that lands on the Town Boards desk if there are any risk associated with it is senseless. What we have to do as responsible citizens is weigh the risk versus the rewards. In the case of the wind farm these benefits will far outweigh the risks. There is no logic in the argument that we are protecting our environment by blocking this Wind Farm, we would actually only be furthering its demise. We live in a world that uses vast quantities of power and unless some great change comes about that is unforeseen to us presently, there is no end in siqht to our increasinq demand. The energy sources we currently utilize are non-renewable and of foreign origin. Not only are these sources being depleted at a rate that should fully exhaust them in the not too distant future, but in the mean time they are responsible for funding a great deal of the terrorism we see today. Our addiction to fossil fuels is responsible for the majority of the damage mankind has brought about to this world. Wind Power is the cleanest form of renewable energy available to us, period. If we embrace wind power we will be setting an environmentally responsible example as our legacy for future generations and set an example for other communities to follow if they truly care about the environment as well. Our entire community would benefit from this project. There is the obvious monetary benefit, but also there is the increased tax revenue and new jobs creation to help kick-start our local economy in these difficult economic times. How are their so many wind farms in operation across our great country already, if those communities hadn't deemed them beneficial? There are detractors with every project, but the truth is an independent University study found that 72% of the constituents of Lewis county thought the Maple Ridge Wind Farm had a positive effect on Lewis County, and 77% supported the idea of the projects growth. These are the real facts we should be discussing rather than the few individual detractors stories. Each and every one of these projects faced lengthy review before approval from the appropriate state and federal agencies so that any risk associated from these projects would be minimized and the benefits maximized. This is why we created agencies like the DEC and EPA many years ago. They are there to ensure that development coexists with our environment, and to protect either one from being abused. To recklessly adopt development at the expense of the natural world is something none of us would want, but to cease all development that impacts the environment in any way is equally undesirable. These agencies are given the task to determine where the fine line exists between the two, no easy task I'm sure. The Special Committee was faced with this monumental task, a task that has no legal precedent for a panel of average citizens. Although I am thankful for the members of the committees participation in this arduous task, I must question how their recommendations are to become law on such short notice, and furthermore how these citizens became experts on the laws of zoning as it applies to wind power generation? How and why were these people chosen and why are their recommendations becoming law so easily.As average citizens you would have to almost expect them to err on the side of safety and against this idea put forth by detractors of "big business" moving into town. I mean no disrespect here but this is not how laws are supposed to come to be. Are there any other citizens concerned that our rights as citizens may be getting abused if this comes to be? In effect we are bypassing all the years of study and data created by the appropriate regulatory agencies, with regards to these laws, and placing the power in the hands of a few average citizens.

    So what am I trying to achieve you may ask? I am asking the board as a proven supporter of the environment, to reconsider the decisions they made in the August 26th meeting to accept the recommendations of the wind law committee that would siqnificantlv chanqe the Towns existinq wind law. Our existing wind law allows for responsible wind development in our community, and if they are deemed inappropriate I want the changes to come from the appropriate regulatory agency not from the average citizen with no experience or prior knowledge on the subject, who used information gathered from unreliable sources. This is just not how things work or how they should work. The committee had an agenda to eliminate this project, not to protect our environment. The adoption of these new zoning laws is an example of our community taking many dangerous steps in the wrong direction, and is a cause for great concern amongst myself, my fellow environmentalists, and the local supporters of wind energy in our community. Sometimes the decisions that are the best for the community are not always the most popular. It is your responsibility to lead us down the correct path and show us the leadership your position entails, and to not sway from
    this position in the presence of some opposition. Do what is best forthe community and don't close the door on this project. Thank you for your time and hopefully your careful consideration on this matter.

Kevin Forkey
 Lafargeville, NY 13656

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Remember when...The Buck stopped here


Saturday October 31,2009

There was a time, not so long ago, when town officials both elected and appointed felt a necessity to comport themselves with dignity, to try to uphold their oaths of office, to set an example through word and deed for their constituents. It was sort of what we expected from the people we put in office, and the people that they appointed to unpaid, volunteer posts.

But somewhere along the line, all that stopped. Somewhere, local officials got it into their heads that a town post was a good path to take for personal enrichment. And I have to admit, the sudden proliferation of proposed wind farms has brought this out in spades. Continue...

Friday, March 7, 2014

Horse Creek wind farm: Noise report cover-up

 Maple Ridge wind turbines

I recently came across this in depth Editorial piece from October 7, 2008 that was compiled and written by Industrial Wind Action Group

Horse Creek wind farm: Noise report cover-up(Posted October 7, 2008) PPM Energy's Horse Creek Wind Farm proposal, now suspended while NY State officials evaluate the potential high bat mortality from the turbines, is the center of a sobering debate concerning pre-construction sound study reports.

 The proposed project consists of sixty-two industrial wind turbines spanning the towns of Clayton and Orleans in upstate New York. Over 1000 residents reside within the project's proposed footprint.

In January 2007, shortly after the Town of Clayton adopted its Wind Energy Facilities Ordinance (Local Law 1) governing placement of turbines in the town, PPM released its Noise Analysis report on the project prepared by Global engineering giant CH2M HILL. The report's summary states: "The facilities steady state noise levels are predicted to comply with the Town of Clayton's Wind Energy Facilities Ordinance limit of 50 dBA at off site residences." It further adds "the facilities noise level may exceed the existing levels by 6 dBA at lower wind speeds but maintains compliance with the Town of Clayton's Wind Energy Facilities Ordinance limit of 50 dBA". New York State guidelines suggest that sound level increases over existing background should not exceed 6 dBA.

Serious and substantial complaints filed by Clayton residents regarding possible excessive and harmful noise impacts from the turbines prompted the Planning Board to hire acoustic engineering firm Cavanaugh Tocci Associates (CTA) of Sudbury MA to evaluate the CH2M HILL report. CTA was specifically requested to "re-evaluate noise impact per NYSDEC guidelines and Town of Clayton Local Law 1 2007 Wind Energy Facilities".

The completed CTA report was received by Clayton officials, Town Supervisor Justin Taylor and Planning Board Chairman Roland Baril, on or around February 15, 2008 but never released to other Planning Board members or the public. Apparently, CTA's report was deemed "too complicated" for review. Three Freedom of Information requests were filed with the town, including one from the local newspaper, and all were denied. Clayton Supervisor Mr. Taylor announced through the Town's engineering consultants Bernier & Carr Associates that CTA's report was sent back with the request that an executive summary be provided to help explain CTA's findings. CTA complied and delivered a 2-page summary on August 25. This summary was again held by Taylor and Baril.

During the Oct 1 regular meeting of the Clayton Planning Board, Planning Board Chairman Baril informed the attending residents as well as the Planning Board that it was the recommendation of Bernier & Carr Associates that CTA's report again be refused as too technical for public review and that CTA's executive summary would be the ONLY document released to other Board members. Taxpayers were welcome to a copy of the summary via a Freedom of Information request submitted to the Clayton Town Clerk.

According to the CTA executive summary, there are serious problems with the methodology employed by CH2M HILL in conducting its noise analysis whereby estimated background sound levels were overestimated. CTA also makes clear that participating property owners, those who've entered into lease agreements with PPM, should update their real estate deeds to reflect noise easements. CTA is clear that noise emanating from the turbines, even if compliant with Clayton's Local Law 1, will affect future property owners who might occupy a dwelling.

The problem of Wind Turbine noise is becoming more pronounced as turbines are built close to where people live. Windaction.org is tracking noise issues in numerous locations including Mars Hill, ME, Lowville, NY, Brownsville, WI, McLean County, IL, and Blair County and Meyersdale, PA, in the UK and Canada. In each of these cases, the question of noise was either never raised prior to the towers being erected or the residents were informed there would be no issue. It's remarkable the lengths PPM and some Clayton officials are going to just to avoid the question. Denying a problem exists in the face of growing evidence is unproductive and will ultimately harm the wind industry and its proponents.

Update: At Clayton's town board meeting on Oct 8, Supervisor Justin Taylor announced the CTA report would now be released to the public.

The Watertown Times : Staff reporter Nancy Madsen did a story about Clayton Town officials refusing to let residents see a report evaluating the noise study done for Horse Creek Wind Farm. Link here Town keeping mum on noise report

Link here to read the Cavanaugh Tocci Summary and~ Turbine Noise report

Will Iberdrola ditch Horse Creek?

 This letter concerning the Iberdrola Horse Creek wind farm was posted in a local newspaper last April,
it is just as relevant today as it was back then.

Many of us have closely followed the nearly decade-long history of proposed wind development in the Thousand Islands region and hated what we have seen.

People on the lakeshore with views of the Galloos and residents of Lyme, Cape Vincent and Hammond have been put through hell trying to beat back ill-conceived wind projects in their towns. 

There is yet another wind project in the area that many had been led to believe was dormant, if not off the table altogether.
This project, known as “Horse Creek,” is proposed by Iberdrola. Iberdrola has been very quiet lately about its plans for Horse Creek, but the government of the town of Clayton has been even quieter, making no effort to keep people informed.

The common thought around our area was that this project was being set aside as Iberdrola took steps recently to shrink its wind business nationwide. However, an interesting letter has just emerged.
Inconspicuously posted on the Public Service Commission website is a letter that was only first noticed recently. There is a letter from Iberdrola dated Dec. 14, 2012, to the Public Service Commission with copies to Clayton Supervisor Justin Taylor and Roland Baril, chairman of the Clayton Planning Board. The letter formally and officially gave notice to the PSC of Iberdrola’s “Election to Proceed” with their Horse Creek project under Article 10.

A renewed major wind project proposal within the St. Lawrence River valley and yet we hear nothing! Was this official correspondence read in a Clayton town board meeting? Certainly the significance of this news would qualify for such disclosure.

More digging into this project proposal has caused us only now to learn that Iberdrola sought support last May for the Horse Creek project through Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s “Energy Highway Initiative.” 

Wind power has been the most controversial public policy issue along the St. Lawrence River for the past decade. In Clayton a major wind developer gives official notice of intent to proceed under Article 10 and seeks support through the governor’s Energy Highway for a project up to four times larger than originally planned that will include not only Clayton but also Brownville, Orleans and Lyme.

This is no oversight. Iberdrola has made no attempt at public disclosure. Perhaps we shouldn’t expect better from them. But the Clayton Town Council and Planning Board are inexplicably mum about the disclosure they have been given! Adjoining towns are given no notice at all!

Can’t we fairly ask, “What’s going on here?” And expect some answers?

Judy Tubolino

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Horse Creek Wind Farm bid opening on May 1, 2014???

 NY Bid Net[link] calls itself "...a leading government bid aggregation and e-procurement service provider." Bid Net is a marketplace where businesses, like utility and wind giant Iberdrola, can seek bids for a variety of services, including building a wind farm.

The Bid Net notice below was posted by Iberdrola for the Horse Creek Wind Farm in the town of Clayton, but Orleans, Lyme and Brownville were also included in original DEIS documents. This notice will likely generate more questions than bids.

First, how can Iberdrola seriously consider moving ahead with any kind of bidding for their Horse Creek Wind Farm without even beginning the Article 10 application process? Bid date and time are listed as May 1, 2014.

In the section titled Notes, there are a number of updates along with the dates of the updates. The last update by Iberdrola was on November 13, 2013 where they noted: "Iberdrola Renewables will pursue the Horse Creek Wind Farm, but could deviate from its latest plan. The company will ditch Horse Creek and move out of Clayton - as it did in the nearby town of Hammond."

This November 13, 2013 update is very odd. It suggests in the first sentence that Iberdrola will be moving ahead. Then in the second sentence says the company will ditch the project. Even odder is the phrasing regarding ditching the project - that comes directly from a Watertown Daily Times article [link]. In fact, other updates in Iberdrola's BidNet notices were copied from Times articles.

So, what does all this mean? It probably means that no one is minding the store at Iberdrola. They have not begun Article 10, but still have notice that they want to build a $230 million wind farm. Their notice updates make us wonder if Iberdrola is reading their own copy.



 Click Link Below to view large map of Iberdrola Turbine array plan as proposed in 2007


New York Bid Network
 Electrical Bid Network

 Links below to past Watertown Daily Times stories

 Horse Creek Wind Farm developer might up size project, begin state siting process as soon as next spring

 Iberdrola back on track with Clayton wind project

Cape Vincent looks ahead following BP withdrawal; Clayton, Orleans uncertain

By Pamela McDowell, Staff Writer
  Cape Vincent – Emotions are mixed following the announcement February 26 that British Petroleum is ending its long reign of uncertainty in Cape Vincent, and abandoning its plans for a wind project that would have included up to 124 turbines measuring nearly 500 feet high.

  After about a decade of starts and stops, and deep divisions forming in the town due to the proposal of industrial wind, BP wind energy announced that, as of March 31, it will end the leases with property owners.

  The industrial giant confirmed its intention in an email, stating that the company will terminate its position in the Cape Vincent Wind Farm, withdraw from the New York State Article 10 permitting process, and wind down all of its contracts and agreements for the project. The company had attempted to sell its interest in Cape Vincent Wind Farm but failed to do so.

  The recent news caused a sigh of relief for some and a gasp from other residents of the town.

  Town Supervisor Urban Hirschey said he is relieved, and he feels the termination of the application is definitely positive for the town.

 Pick up your copy of the Thousand Islands Sun at Cape Dairy or Aubrey's market to continue reading this extensive review of Cape's past wind history.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Leonard weighs in on the Watertown Times editorial
“Blown Away”

Watertown Times Editorial Blown away [link]

Not with a bang but a whimper

BP Wind Energy this week ended a protracted effort to establish a commercial wind farm in Cape Vincent with the announcement that it is simply dropping the project and walking away.

For a number of property owners who had lease agreements with the company, this no doubt comes as bad news. Hopes of lease payments of some substance over at least 20 years have dried up, disappeared on the wind that is now not likely to produce electricity on any grand scale.  Continue...

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Life Long Resident of Cape Vincent Sets the Record Straight With an "extreme measures score card"

 The following comment came in response to a recent post (Times Editors Miss the Bus)  concerning the uninformed and misleading editorial done by the Watertown Times, in regard to BP's Cape Vincent Wind project. 

The writer highlights important issues that have been ignored by the Watertown Times.


Mr. Schneider,

The Editors of the WDT might want to check out this "extreme measures score card"

Cape Vincent Pro Wind full time residents.

1. A sitting State Assemblyman told wind lease conflicted members of the town board that it was their duty to vote their conflict of interest and not make a decision based on public referendum.

2. Voters for Wind and Accionia tried to get the JCIDA to take away the school, county and town right to vote on a PILOT.

3. Pro wind passed a petition that claimed voter irregularities that were never proven. It was aimed at legal Cape Vincent residents and voters who they thought would vote against the conflict of interest board members.

4. The conflict of interest board members passed and then refused to rescind an illegal voter identification resolution.

5. Letters with the names of the Cape Vincent pro-wind Democratic Chair and CGF chair on it were sent to the assessors of seasonal residents who owned residences in other communities but choose Cape Vincent as their home of voter choice. One "friendly" assessor took the bait and made a voter fraud accusation that was never proven. Those whose assessors received letters felt singled out and intimidated.

6. Voters for Wind, CFG and Bp lease holders filed A SLAPP action against two Cape Vincent bloggers and John Does who were voicing their opinion.

7. An affidavit filed in the Supreme Court by one of the plaintiffs verified that formal methods were being taken against part time residents that would protect the interests of full time residents.

8. A list of 80 Absentee voters were challenged by pro wind Democrat-CFG town office candidates. The three candidates then filed a signed affidavit in Supreme Court alleging fraud by legal Cape Voters and the Jefferson County Board of Elections.

Cape Vincent Anti Wind full time and part time residents.

1. Exercised their legal right to vote against unethical lease holding public officials and threw them out of office.

John Doe Citizen
and life long resident of Cape Vincent.

Link to post ~Times Editors Miss the Bus