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Thursday, March 13, 2014

As companies pursue energy sources, communities raise concerns

 An improved power transmission system would encourage more power generation in Upstate New York. That's what power line developers proposing projects in the Mohawk Valley have touted as a benefit and potential job creator.  

 Iberdrola Renewables — the owner of the Hardscrabble Wind Farm in Fairfield and Norway — has several projects in various stages of development, spokesman Paul Copleman said. He did not go into specifics.

 “From Iberdrola Renewables’ perspective, additional bulk transmission could make our upstate, early stage development wind projects more likely to come to market by making their power even more competitive,” Copleman said in an email.

 The company, however, is in the throes of a lawsuit with dozens of Herkimer County residents over concerns about the Hardscrabble Wind Farm.

 Copleman said they recognize the concerns and are willing to work with the community.
 “Any project we pursue would entail a thorough, transparent and inclusive approach to the permitting process,” he said Continue....


Anonymous said...

What a crock from Copleman.

Anonymous said...

So what is the next concern you people want to bitch about or be against, solar power or fracking the ground to get natural gas.