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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Horse Creek Wind Farm bid opening on May 1, 2014???

 NY Bid Net[link] calls itself "...a leading government bid aggregation and e-procurement service provider." Bid Net is a marketplace where businesses, like utility and wind giant Iberdrola, can seek bids for a variety of services, including building a wind farm.

The Bid Net notice below was posted by Iberdrola for the Horse Creek Wind Farm in the town of Clayton, but Orleans, Lyme and Brownville were also included in original DEIS documents. This notice will likely generate more questions than bids.

First, how can Iberdrola seriously consider moving ahead with any kind of bidding for their Horse Creek Wind Farm without even beginning the Article 10 application process? Bid date and time are listed as May 1, 2014.

In the section titled Notes, there are a number of updates along with the dates of the updates. The last update by Iberdrola was on November 13, 2013 where they noted: "Iberdrola Renewables will pursue the Horse Creek Wind Farm, but could deviate from its latest plan. The company will ditch Horse Creek and move out of Clayton - as it did in the nearby town of Hammond."

This November 13, 2013 update is very odd. It suggests in the first sentence that Iberdrola will be moving ahead. Then in the second sentence says the company will ditch the project. Even odder is the phrasing regarding ditching the project - that comes directly from a Watertown Daily Times article [link]. In fact, other updates in Iberdrola's BidNet notices were copied from Times articles.

So, what does all this mean? It probably means that no one is minding the store at Iberdrola. They have not begun Article 10, but still have notice that they want to build a $230 million wind farm. Their notice updates make us wonder if Iberdrola is reading their own copy.



 Click Link Below to view large map of Iberdrola Turbine array plan as proposed in 2007


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Anonymous said...

Not sure I would put much stock in bidding announcements. It might be just a good cheap way for a developer to "engage" the community and make them think easy bucks could be made selling them gravel or hardware or even fresh milk. Who knows? But Iberdrola has difficulties which would be best passed on to a region other than the TI.