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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Leonard weighs in on the Watertown Times editorial
“Blown Away”

Watertown Times Editorial Blown away [link]


Anonymous said...

Leonard has a level of understanding of the wind issue in Cape Vincent that was totally missed by the Watertown Daily Times. Soiling their editorial, although a bit sophomoric, is a fitting appraisal of the Times editors' work. Good job Leonard!

Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion for Leonard.

Fy high over Wolfe Island. Or better yet, go around it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Leonard.

Waiting patiently for Start a Business in CV, Turbine Cowboy, HJW, Diappointed, ascapeturns, and the other minority pro wind opinions to weigh in on Perry's Blog and take some cheap shots and make personal slurs against the other opinion makers. We already have seen and recorded hundreds of false claims, dirty innuendos, libel and misinformation in the WDT comment section.

Anonymous said...

Hi 11:31 AM

I have been waiting patiently to voice my opinion regarding the Time's reluctance to take a strong position on wind,but to no avail.

All the Times needed to do in the last few years was support the Town of Cape Vincent in its fight to preserve its comprehensive plan. The Times, however, seems to believe any economic growth trumps any planning and smart growth.

They even question whether every citizen has the right to vote in the Cape. Part-timers, the Times suggests, should be taxed without representation.

The Times is worse than Article 10 in taking away home rule - they believe the minority in a town have the right to do anything they want with their land. Wake up editors, every town's zoning law is proof positive that we can't do anything we want with our land.

All of this makes me want to crap even more - where's that Times editorial?


Carrion is Best said...


Did you know cats eat more birds than wind turbines.

And I got a cat.