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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Remember when...The Buck stopped here


Saturday October 31,2009

There was a time, not so long ago, when town officials both elected and appointed felt a necessity to comport themselves with dignity, to try to uphold their oaths of office, to set an example through word and deed for their constituents. It was sort of what we expected from the people we put in office, and the people that they appointed to unpaid, volunteer posts.

But somewhere along the line, all that stopped. Somewhere, local officials got it into their heads that a town post was a good path to take for personal enrichment. And I have to admit, the sudden proliferation of proposed wind farms has brought this out in spades. Continue...


Anonymous said...

At some point, somewhere along the line, after this fine and accurate commentary was written by Perry White in 2009, editorial comment from the Watertown Daily Times no longer mentioned the subject of wind driven dirty local government -- even though the problem persisted openly and defiantly.

It has been a glaring omission in the WDTs responsibility to be a watch dog for clean government.

This can't have been happenstance or oversight or distraction by other more pressing matters. It had to have been a conscious decision by the publisher to duck that issue.

Someday we may know why. What ever the reason it will be sad and distressing.

Anonymous said...

Lets ALL get over it and help each other be neighbors and FRIENDS

Anonymous said...


Oh - you mean like it never happened?

Anonymous said...

Sorry anon above.

G. King has already made the prediction in the media now read around the world that it will take generations to recover. Is that his goal as the turbine cowboys keep stirring the pot in the news?

I live in the US because I get to vote. People fought for my right to vote. Some of those people are on my town board.


Anonymous said...

"Lets ALL get over it and help each other be neighbors and FRIENDS"

When hell freezes over.

When the CV dem chair apologizes.

When the CFG chair apologizes.

When P. Aubertine, D. Pearson and A. Wood apologizes.

Until then this CV lover and voter will make a stop in H2O town for vitals.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, 8:35.

We can't ALL be friends. Friends are people who care about your well-being. Friends do not treat you in a shabby manner and dismiss you as unimportant and even unwanted.

I am sure you will find that most people, including me, will choose to limit their circle of friends to those who treat them well, or at least don't go out of their way to treat them badly.

The words and actions of the wind leaseholders and their allies were not those of friendship toward me. Just the opposite, in fact.

This isn't hate I am talking about. I work hard to avoid being hateful and I believe I succeed at that most of the time. I don't hate the wind leaseholders.

But don't ask me to embrace friendship with them. That would take away all meaning from the word "friend."

Anonymous said...

The Cape Vincent Democrats and the Cape Vincent Citizens for Fair Government are responsible for the spoils of the war.

Reparations are their responsibility.

Perhaps the Cape's Democratic Facebook page could start with a declaration of understanding of the voting laws in NYS.

It would be nice to head off expensive legal action. It appears that a large class of people are insisting that their legal vote in Cape Vincent not be tampered with by intimidation.

Those affected pay 75% of the town tax receipts.