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Monday, March 17, 2014

Save The River: Respect the Conditions on the River, Delay the Seaway Opening

Respect the conditions on the River, delay the Seaway opening. Save The River has long advocated a research-based list of criteria be used to set the shipping season on the St. Lawrence Seaway. But it really is simple. Get the ice out and the navigational aids in. Don’t send ships through until its safe for the River. http://ow.ly/uGjTg


Anonymous said...

Why should they have the last say when the St. Lawrence will open.

Anonymous said...

All of the factors that come into play in the debate over whether to allow winter commercial traffic on the seaway, still prevail when the river is encased in solid ice, as is the case this spring. I support Save The River's plea for a delayed opening. Last fall's grounding of a ship at Tibbets Point serves as a reminder of the potential for disaster when navigation is hampered by either technical failure, lack of navigational aids, or by mother nature.

Delaying the opening would be a prudent policy, one consistent with a philosophy of responsible environmental stewardship.
Dave LaMora

Anonymous said...

That ice breaker cut through that ice like it was butter the other day, it shouldn't be too hard for those lakers and ocean going ships to do the same. OPEN THE SEAWAY BABY.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave did you see the two ships that went threw the seaway today. I guess the seaway is officially opened. I guess that Shots your theroy of delaying the opening down.