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Monday, April 21, 2014

Darrel Aubertine needs to clarify what he meant when he said that Town of Cape Vincent Attorney Mark Gebo "helped develop the line"

Today a story was published  in the Watertown Times concerning Cape Vincents infamous Water district #2 in this story Darrel Aubertine is quoted as saying  

"Mark Gebo helped develop the line and did the legal work, and the DOH signed off on it and had no issues.”

 Darrel Aubertine needs to clarify what he meant when he said that Attorney Gebo "helped develop the line. "

 At a special board meeting held Thursday April 12,2012 Town of Cape Vincent attorney Mark Gebo made the following statement concerning water district #2

“There are geographic boundaries to this district. The problem is that we have users who are drawing water through this district that are not within the geographic boundaries,” town attorney Mark G. Gebo said. “Generally speaking, the regulatory agencies, when I’ve had to deal with them on these issues, don’t like the concept of outside users. If you are going to add somebody to the district, that’s fine. But expand the geographic boundary and bring them in.”
This is for a variety of reasons, Mr. Gebo said.
“That way you have shutoffs in place for each of the users. So, if there’s a problem just for one user, you haven’t got to shut off three,” he said. “And it gives the town a better handle on what to expect in terms of use; a better handle on handling something like a large break that might be affecting the usage in the system. It also makes it a little easier perhaps even to just monitor where leaks are taking place.”

Cape Vincent suspects illegal water hookups in Water District 2; health,sanitation concerns raised

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