BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Monday, April 21, 2014

Department of Health to Cape Vincent: Seize control of privately run water district to prevent contamination

March 26,2012
Letter from Fourth Coast to Supervisor Hirschey outlining proposed audit of water district #2

Letter from Fourth Coast to Supervisor Hirschey concerning water districts #2&3

Water bill from water district 2
Water bill from water district 2

Water bill from water district 2

Below are documents
pertaining to Water District #2

Cape Vincent,Water District 2 ~ Original Rules ~ and Regulations

Cape Vincent,Water District 2 Rules ~ and Regulations as amended 3 -11-1999

Cape Vincent Water District 2 Rules and Regs. as Amended 12 -9-1999


Anonymous said...

Included are the same are the same cfg/democrat people who tried to take away the votes of the seasonal residents. Running a private water business and putting the rest of the town in legal jeopardy. Then, they run their slur and hate campaign and sue others to try to prevent the correct information from coming out. What a scandal and heaven forbid if Aubertine tries to run again for anything. And, the town board has got to tell his boy that building a house in water 2 puts him in conflict of interest with this dangerous issue.

Anonymous said...

There is an issue here of money changing hands...payments for services provided...income received for providing a service. Where are the books? The IRS defines income very broadly. Has the IRS been informed about this income? The IRS tends to get really annoyed when there is a continuous stream of income coming on to someone and they don't know anything about it.

Anonymous said...

I think Darrell Aubertine is being less than honest abut all this. I have discussed this with Urban and John on many occasions. Show me when they ever claimed that a hole was drilled in the side of the DANC line and these guys started pilfering water. I think that is libelous statement and Aubertine should be taken to task. Enough of this guy, already.
The water came out of DANC legally. But to pass it on and run a business collecting money for water. Is that legal, is the business registered and were taxes legally filed? If others got water for free, did they claim is as a gift? These guys got problems.

Anonymous said...

How long must the Cape residents suffer the abuse of power and misuse of public trust exhibited by the Reinbeck, Mason, Mason,Wood,Orvis ,Edsall gang?

It's a tragedy, that's painful to endure.

Anonymous said...

Look at the characters. Same group who want to take my vote away.

Anonymous said...

Darrel Aubertine nose is way bigger than Pinocchio's.

He misrepresented statements made Hirschey, Byrne, Gebo and Campany. He also says the Dept. of Health is out of line.

Recall Darrel Aubertine also told his lackeys back in 2006 to ignore the recommendations of the Jefferson Board of Ethics. His message was go ahead and vote even if you have lease contracts with the developer you are trying to regulate.

Furthermore, Aubertine saw nothing wrong with hiring his sister once elected to the New York State Senate.

All of this plus becoming embroiled in this controversy isn't too smart for a public official representing the New York State Comptroller's Office.

To SIR with love. said...

Anti wind never fraudulently claimed voter irregularities. Anti wind never passed an illegal voter registration. Ant wind was never investigated by the AG. Anti wind never passed personal slurs around the community and false claims of drug use by a town councilman. anti wind never lied about wind payments while running for office. Anti wind never made a list and alleged voter fraud. Anti wind never harassed people with letters to assessors. Anti wind never lied about their names on letters. Cape Vincent will be a friendly place for those who want to be friendly. But promoting a war on summer residents and their rights is not friendly.

Good day, SIR

Anonymous said...

Out on Hell St. on Darrell's line before you get to homes there is a hydrant that you can fill containers and stuff with. whose is that? Where is Paul building his house. I see Darrell has portioned off other lots that look like building lots. What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

This is a needless fight by Aubertine that could easily be brought to solution except for those who have little respect for the laws that others diligently comply with. The suggested committee would one more of the fox guarding the henhouse.

Anonymous said...

Two words come to mind:

"unreported income"

The NY State Department of Taxation and Finance and the Internal Revenue Service should have a close look at this unofficial, bootleg fee for service operation.

Anonymous said...


You hit the nail on the head. If the water service by them people is official then lets see the tax and business records.

Anonymous said...

2:29....and the AG who might not like the idea of re-selling water partially provided by public funds granted a public agency.

To SIR with love. said...

Sad that a former State Assemblyman, Senator, Ag Head and State Comptroller Employee apparently needs public relations workers to assist with intimidating the vote and suppressing free speech about the truth just so he might be able to firm up his credibility in his own home town. What looks like a White-Aubertine campaign against this community in support of the motives of the cfg democrats is a sad chapter in the Cape. And, now it looks like the cfg democrats are working the WDT comment section to slur others and to justify a water district that could put the whole town in jeopardy. Thanks to those who do not back down against political thugs and bullies and continue to bring the facts to the public. WE will defend ourselves against the cfg democratic assault against free speech about the truth and our rights to vote at the residence of our choice.

Anonymous said...

Dear newtocv.

You are misleading the WDT readers with your statement, "But, in many other states in our union, 30 days a year does not make you a resident with voting rights."

Many things have been said and done by your local democrats and cfg who have participated in what many believe is an intentional plan to eliminate or intimidate legal voters who have chosen Cape Vincent as their legal address.

And what you said is not correct. The maximum is for 30 days for any state and some states do not even require that long and some have no requirement.

Voting rights as they apply specifically to New York State and Jefferson County have been well researched since hundreds of legal voters are becoming more interested in defending those rights as your democratic cfg political force continues the verbal assault on the voting rights of others.

Read this.."Mobile people vote less when faced with restrictive registration and residency requirements. All states today require that a voter be 18 years old by election day, a U.S. citizen, and a legal resident of the state. Most states also restrict voting for currently incarcerated felons and for those legally declared mentally incompetent. Historically, many states imposed lengthy residency requirements at the state, county, and local levels, some as long as two years. Until 1970, Texas required one year residence in the state. States justified lengthy residency requirements with arguments of fraud prevention and a promise of more knowledgeable voters, but often used them simply to disenfranchise. However, the 1970 Voting Rights Act set thirty days as the maximum permissible residency requirement in presidential elections and a 1972 U.S. Supreme Court decision (Dunn v. Blumstein, 405 U.S. 330) applied the thirty day maximum to state and local elections. Since then most states have reduced or eliminated their residency requirements. Absent any evidence of increased voter fraud, a few states have set aside any residency requirements with Election Day registration."
newtocv, you claim to be well read, you might want to browse the accurate public record
documents which are available on Pandora's Box of Rocks. Don't forget to read the legal records of the New York State Supreme Court, the Watertown Times articles and the Town of Cape Vincent.
Once again, I am pleased to help you clear up some serious mis-statements of facts.