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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sometimes the water in Cape Vincent stinks real bad

Cape Vincent's Water district #2 has been a hot topic recently but... According to the comment below there may be big issues with other districts as well.

Comment on ~ Darrel Aubertine needs to clarify what he meant when he said Town of Cape Vincent Attorney Mark Gebo "helped develop the line"

4/22/2014 At 2:46 PM ~

I think Water District #3 users have been given the shaft, quietly.

They were told by Town of Cape Vincent officials they had to switch to the town's District #4 because of low DANC waterline pressure. No town official, however, contacted DANC and tried to resolve the issue. Instead, they horns-waggled District #3 users into joining District #4, paying part of the Town's District #4 water district debt while still paying DANC debt. 

Oh, and for years District #3 also paid most of water district #2's debt service and maintenance fee, while District #2 used most of the water.

District #2 users may be screaming they've been treated unfairly, but it is District #3 users who have gotten screwed by their own friends in high places.

District #3 never had to give up the DANC line. All they needed to do is tell DANC they needed more pressure. I think they were sucked into #4 so that the town could justify #4 and keep costs down by sacrificing District #3 users.

Sometimes the water in the Cape stinks real bad.