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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Who is Pulling Dennis Pearson's Strings?

Recently, in an opinion letter to the Watertown Daily Times Dennis Pearson made a plea requesting the Town of Cape Vincent Town Council appoint Al Wood to the board.
In the past Mr. Pearson has launched several vocal attempts to discredit the Town of Cape Vincent Town Board.
One such case occurred December 09,2013 the Department of Public Service Commission sponsored a public meeting in Cape Vincent concerning the Article 10 process. Prior to this meeting the Town Board ,their attorney,members of the Article-10 Advisory Committee, and a member of Wind Power Ethics Group gathered at the town offices for an executive session.
Dennis Pearson burst into this meeting accusing town officials of holding a private meeting with a quorum.

December 11,2013 Pearson submitted a FOIL request to the Town of Cape Vincent Town Clerk for a copy of the security video for the time of the Dec. 9 meeting, as well as minutes and records concerning the meeting.

Mr. Pearson’s request was denied because the material he requested was deemed attorney client privilege.
In the meantime, Town Attorney Paul Curtin, who presided over themeeting, submitted a letter clarifying the purpose of the meetingthat was presented to the public by the Town Council December 19, 2013.

Apparently, Mr. Pearson or his cohorts were not satisfied with this clarification, the very next day ~ December 20,2013 Pearson sent an appeal to the Town of Cape Vincent Town Clerk in response to the denial.

But who wrote the appeal? Were others involved?

I FOILED Mr. Pearson’s FOIL request and found something very curious about his appeal, it was submitted in the form of a reprint of an email with Dennis Pearson’s name scribbled at the bottom.

Note the name in bold on the upper right hand corner, also note the names of the recipients of this appeal letter.
What does this mean?
Is Dennis Pearson their front-man?
Are these email recipients (Jarrod Radley, Al Wood, Paul Aubertine and Karen Stumpf) Pearson’s editors and co-conspirators?
  Are these same people behind Pearson's plea requesting the Town Board to do the right thing and appoint Al Wood to the board?