BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) manages New York’s electricity transmission grid – a 10,775-mile network of high-voltage lines that carry electricity throughout the state. The NYISO also oversees wholesale electricity markets where more than $50 billion has been transacted since 1999.

The NYISO Interconnection Queue (the spreadsheet) lists projects that are active in the NYISO interconnection process, or were active in the process but recently went into service (projects that have gone in-service eventually are removed from this list). Additionally, projects that are withdrawn from the Queue are also listed . For example the Queue Spreadsheet dated 5/6/2014 indicates the status of BP's two projects in Cape Vincent as 'withdrawn'  the NYISO Queue also shows that the status of the Horse Creek wind farm in Jefferson County was updated just last week, 4/30/2014.
The updated status indicates that the project has been withdrawn.
 Does this mean that the Horse Creek wind project is dead?  Has Iberdrola pulled the plug?

Note : Atlantic wind initiated the project and Iberdrola is the current owner.
Below is the page from the NYISO Queue showing Iberdrola's updated status. #189 in the Queue

 Original source:
Open with Excel and click on the word withdrawn at the bottom of the spreadsheet


Active - Excel - NYISO


16, 290A, Green Island Power Authority, Green Island Power, 4/7/08, 20, 20 ... 3/9/09, N/A, N/A, AC, Monroe, NY, B, Station 124 115kV, NYSEG, 6, 3/31/13, SIS, 2014/ ...... 2/8/05, 75.9, 75.9, W, Jefferson, NY, E, Rockledge Substation 115kV, NM-NG ... St. Lawrence Wind Farm II, 2/8/05, 80, W, Jefferson, NY, Lyme Substation ...

Or link here to look at the spreadsheet of withdrawn projects