BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Thursday, June 26, 2014

As delays snag Keystone XL, momentum builds for pipeline to Canada’s east coast

WATERTOWN - As the U.S. delays reviewing the Keystone XL proposal, experts say momentum has swelled for a plan to build a pipeline from the Alberta oil sands to Canada’s East Coast — crossing numerous waterways, including the St. Lawrence River. Continue...

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Canton Lawyer's Baseball Card Collection Is Family Passion

When he's not practicing law, you can probably find Canton attorney Charlie Nash involved with his second passion - collecting baseball cards.

"I have no clue what the dollar value is. It was never gone into for that purpose," he said.

His collection contains thousands of individual player cards.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cape Vincent’s Abusive, Degenerate Stalker

Since I left Cape Vincent a small-minded, anonymous loser has been harassing me with scurrilous,personal attacks in the form of comments on my blog posts. 

The comments have been filthy,abusive and degenerative to me,as well as women in general. 

I have consulted a forensic psychologist who indicated that the commenter is an abusive, degenerate stalker displaying delusional thought patterns and behaviors.

Unable to develop normal personal relationships through conventional and socially acceptable means, he has retreated to a pattern of attacks that are threatening and abusive. 

Also,an examination of the writing style,indicates the stalker is poorly educated, reads little if anything (aside from my blog posts) and writes on a 5th grade level.

And one final point,through the wonders of modern, forensic technology, – I know who he is!

Stefanik doesn’t grasp upstate New York

I am mad as hell, and I hope everyone else is mad as hell.
The national GOP is involving itself in local campaigns and is up to no good. This is disgusting, to say the least.
Elise Stefanik must feel she can’t make it on her own, so she has to bring in the national GOP. She has already been doing things behind closed doors, and what does that tell you?  Continue...