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Sunday, August 31, 2014

CAPE VINCENT:    Is Marty Mason Wheeling and Dealing again?

Since BP baled on their Cape Vincent Wind Farm project interest in Cape Vincent concerning wind development has almost completely dried up.

Or so I thought , after a recent review of the data from the tracking service that monitors the visitors that come to my Energy Valley blog I noticed an inordinate amount of interest in Marty Mason.  Considering Mr. Masons past actions as a wind conflicted town councilmen supporting wind development in Cape Vincent, could this activity be related to another scheme concerning some type of large scale industrial development for Cape Vincent?

The tracking data showed that 75 out of 500 visitors searched for Marty Mason’s Railroad Property deed and /or his electric power line options.  This level of interest and the number of searches was very unusual. Here is a little background for those of you that are not familiar with Mr. Mason’s industrial wind dealings.

One of the most important components of any wind development project are the transmission lines.  On January 23,1998 Marty Mason bought a piece of property from the Township Telephone Company.  This strip of land was part of an old railroad bed that runs from CV to Watertown. The Development Authority of the North Country began constructing the regional water line along this corridor in 1996 (note in the video following this post Mason proudly boasts about working the entire project).

In 2005 Mason signed a lease agreements with two wind companies and his land became part of the transmission line corridor.  BP even purchased land in this same corridor to construct a new electrical substation in Lyme.  Mr Mason also had land lease agreements with wind developers for turbine placement and interconnecting line easements on a number of his numerous land parcels.

In the table below are details for the 75 searches.  There were a wide variety of visitors (their Internet Protocol addresses were omitted).  Some were using proxy servers to conceal their identity but there were several visitors with dedicated IP’s that stand out,such as the Office of the NYS Attorney General, Bridgewater Associates,Barclay Capital, Wells Fargo & Company, and the Public Interest Network.
What’s it all mean?  Was the cleaning lady at Barclays Capital just messing around with the CEO’s desktop computer?  Probably not.  It is impossible to know the intentions of many of those searching Mason’s deeds. The investment firm searches, however, are somewhat suspicious.  If investors are interested, then it may suggest some major development is being considered that would require large capital support and expenditures.  Also, has BP sold their interest in the powerline easements, and if so, to whom?  

Mr.Mason is once again attempting to regain his seat on the town board and many of his supporters have voiced their desire to “get their town back”.  Getting the town back might mean once again closing the doors of local government, dimming the lights, and making backroom deals. This is the attitude that brought the wind development curse on the community in the first place and it was the attitude that led to Mr. Mason losing his seat on the town board  in 2011.

Cape Vincent voters should wonder if Mr. Mason’s candidacy for town office will once again be used to support his private, personal financial wheeling and dealing.  The obvious conclusion is that Mason should explain why the interest in his railroad right of way and electric corridor deeds.  If past performance indicates anything about the future, Cape voters can expect that Mason will see no conflict of interest between his public office and his personal dealings nor will Mason see any reason to explain, after all that’s how business has always been done in Cape Vincent in the past.  


In the video above Mason says, "One more story, I was the first one on that line, that walked that entire line with a snow toboggan and a generator and a drill and a five foot drill bit drilling holes from Cape Vincent to Brownville,  so I know that line like the back of my hand. I worked the whole project."  Subsequent to walking the line Mason bought the railroad land knowing there were restrictions to protect the water line.


Anonymous said...

Holy Crap! It's de ja vu all over again (thanks Yogi). If Marty Mason were to respond to a question regarding any new development initiatives, who could believe him?
This is the same councilman who never revealed he was a leaseholder, taking money from wind developers and rewriting town zoning law until he was outed in 2006 by Jude Seymore writing for the Watertown Daily Times. Even after being exposed he continued to vote on wind issues (example= 2009 lame duck wind law)while being paid by Acciona and BP. I think everybody has had enough of the good old days with the good old boys. I hope he is not returned to office by the voters in Cape Vincent. Keep Marty down on the farm, not in the Town barn.

Anonymous said...

I recall that Cape officials left the door wide opened for commercial solar development. There are few if any restrictions on solar development compared to the impediments put in the path of a wind developer in the Capes zoning law.

Once wind was lost, perhaps some influential state official from Cape Vincent contacted a few of his political cronies to tap into New York State's current love affair and investment funding for commercial solar development.

Barclay's Capital, which was one of the investment firms that searched Marty Mason's powerline deed, is a big investor in solar development.

Maybe Marty Mason's wheeling and dealing is all about a commercial solar project for Cape Vincent. Someone should begin to ask a few more questions of Mr. Mason.

Anonymous said...

Marty's actions when a town board member can best be described as reckless. Putting the town out there in jeopardy for high cost law suits? And, his monkey business with water #2 will get the town in trouble again;. He does ok at the village job and should do it and mind his business.

Anonymous said...

6:30 The"impediments put in the path of a wind developer in the Cape's zoning law" mean nothing to Andrew Cuomo and his Article 10 review panel. If a developer wants to build a large wind project, Marty is in good position to benefit personally. running for office will only hinder his chances. Unless the town bans wind development, the zoning law is merely an open door for the state to walk through.They will tromp on our regulations with perfectly legal authority given by the New York State Legislature.

of course ,as you mention, the law does not restrict solar at all.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the fat state politician who owns his own water district will add a solar electric district to his controversial holdings.

Brian of Nazareth said...

Ms. Muscle, u ned to lurn hou to spel bedder.